Friday, November 22, 2013

Lessons Learned and Vegas picks of the week!!!

Well it's been 7 days since my last blognand I've learned a Lil sumptin' sumptin' each and everyday.

Saturday - College Football is as good as its ever been, so good that it actually tricked me into thinking that I had a good time while I was in South Dakota.

Sunday- For a brief 3 hour spell, Illinois learned what it felt like to live in Oklahoma. 68 degrees and sunny one minute... Oh shit what happened to my house 10 minutes later.

If you stop Jimmy Graham the New Orleans Saints look incredibly ordinary

The Chicago Bears having 2 legitimate starting QB's, is as rare as seeing a happily married couple

Seattle is the best team in football and barring injury, there's no way they lose at home which means they are an automatic lock to go to the Super Bowl, currently at +140 (you're welcome)

Monday- Monday Night Football taught me 2 things. 1) pass interference isn't really pass interference, if you interfere so bad that someone intercepts the ball 2) Cam Newton can make a case for being the best young QB in the game 

Tuesday- Please stop saying how great Kevin Love is. I get it he's white so its like an anomaly, but this isn't the Matrix and Love is not "The One"  He's yet to play in one playoff game (as I watch his team lose to the lowly Wizards)

Wednesday - Every time a star athlete's semen is found in a girl's underwear, a Trojan warrior loses its wings

Thursday- Being a guest on the Bob &Tom radio show was a thrill and an honor and NFL football on Thursdays still suck!!!

Friday- I learned that after going 3-1-1 on my NFL picks last week I'm in a groove...
Chicago Bears + 1 At some point vegas will realize Josh McCown is legit
Oakland -1 The way the Titans lost to the Colts, no way they bounce back from that game.... Ever!!!!
Detroit -9 Tampa has won 2 in a row, but they can't keep pace against a playoff caliber team who desperately needs a win!!!

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Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ball Hog himself picks a starting 5 to take on Jordan's and Vegas week 11 picks of the week

The Jordan 5
Michael Jordan
Magic Johnson
Scottie Pippen
James Worthy
Hakeem Olajuwon

Once MJ named his unbeatable 5, everyone in the hoops world took notice. Why wouldn't you. If The G.O.A.T. speaks you listen. You have to admit, as far as line-up goes, that's a pretty impressive line-up. No one on is under 6-6, they're comfortable with playing with each other and any team with Jordan on it stands a chance of not losing, but I also take this team with a grain of salt. MJ the baller is undisputed, but MJ the team organizer...welllll slow down. Constructing teams is not exactly your strong suit MJ, unless you want to talk about Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and Tyrus Thomas???

Look, I ain't no punk Mike. You can't just tell me that you got a starting 5 and no one would ever beat you. Sure you made Gatorade my hangover drink,  Jordan's my wedding shoes and you tricked people into thinking that bald heads with diamond stud earrings is a sexy look (and truly I thank you for that) and yeah your dunk on Ewing was as nasty and inappropriate to New York Knick fans as a Matt Barnes 3rd quarter tweet, but still, That don't mean you can grab 4 dudes and beat anyone I put out on the black top. You have to understand homie, I have mastered the art of the pick-up game, both on the court and at the club ... Ladies?!!!! My point is that I know what it takes to win, so not only do I defy your claim that you got an unbeatable 5. I'm running 5 dudes that will give your team a straight run for the money. You wanna hear em, here they go...

C- Shaquille O' Neal. Wait hold up MJ, I love the Dream, but you made yo' 1st mistake son. It's a pick up game, so ain't no free throws dog. Which is the only real weakness the Diesel ever had. Shaq gets fouled, we take it out up top. Run it right back to him. No way Hakeem matches the raw power of The Big Pythagorean Theorem, so now you gotta start double teaming which means I'm also running out... 

F- Larry Bird. How the hell you gon' have an unbeatable team. When I'm running out a dude who's nickname is Legend?!!! Whenever you double Shaq, he kicking it out to the best shooter in the history of the game. Oh will Larry love the sound of those chain nets, TWANG, and plus he's a noted shit talker, something that's oh so important in street ball. Maybe, just maybe, you don't leave The Legend open, but you got to leave somebody open right? Shaq is pummeling mofo's down low. Which is why on the other other wing, I'm running out....

SG - Reggie Miller. Also a trash talker supreme. So you can double Shaq if you want, as my squad continuously run the 2 man game between Shaq and Bird, but if you try to send weak side help. You leave Reggie 'I shoot from 23 feet in my sleep' Miller wide open. I got 2 of the 5 best outside shooters spreading the court out, with the most dominant player since, that dude that fought Conan the Barbarian to the death and boned 20,000 women (and not so much as one visible herpes sore, what are the odds?) My team still however lacks a little moxie so that's why I'm going with a dude who's game screams STREET (the caps represents the screaming)...

PG Gary Payton - Any great street baller, needs a shit talking, ball hawkin', ain't afraid of nobody, do everything kind of dude on his team. Payton can post, shoot the J, dish the rock and D up. All the while he's telling you he's doing it, doing it, doing it well.  Which means I need one more player, one that brings toughness, straight thuggery...

F- Charles Oakley. Oh yeah, this maybe a shock to some but here me out boo. Whenever you play a pick up game, everyone hates to go against that elbow throwing, knock you on yo ass type that knows he can't foul out, so what does he do? He keeps fouling you, the game last 20 minutes longer than its suppose too, strictly because of this dude. Everybody's on the side arguing about who's got next. Secretly hoping that my team lose so they don't have to play against Oak. I could have went with other players like  Rodman, Laimbeer, Xavier McDaniel and for you true old schoolers Maurice Lucas, but ultimately, I settled on a dude who apparently bitched slapped Charles Barkley during the '99 NBA lockout and Barkely..didn't .. nuttin', now that's tough and that's why I'm riding with Oak Tree.  Plus he can hit that corner J, ya dig!!!

So that's my squad, An unstoppable force, 3 shit talkers, 2 of the best 3 point shooters ever, a do it all guard, a ratchet man, a clear offensive and defensive game plan, 2 turtle doves and a partridge in a pear tree. We got Next!!!

Vegas Picks of the Week
New Orleans -3over San Fran 
Keep drinking that 49er kool-aid and watch them lose by 13

Kansas City +8.5 over Denver
Krytopnite to the Broncos is a very physical team, guess what the Chiefs are???

Bears/Baltimore under 46 points
I don't care how bad these defenses are, it's the Bears and Ravens Damnit

Oakland + 7 over Houston
When has the Texans shown to be more than 7 points better than anybody???

Seattle -12 over Minnesota
The Vikings almost beat the Cowboys then beat the Skins, they've peaked boo trust me

Til next week, Dueces!!!

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Friday, November 8, 2013

Incognito and the N-word plus Week 10 pick of the weeks

The fact that Richie Incognito could refer to a black dude as a nigger, and his BLACK teammates defended him shows the disconnect that the Black Community has with our African American heritage.

It's not surprising - most black athletes are in their 20s, which means that they are 90s babies. In-your-face racism was pretty much non-existent then, as it is now. That's not to say that it's not prevalent or doesn't exist, but it's rare that a white person can just visibly show hatred for someone who doesn't look like them. (Thanks, Dr. King). Most of the racism that existed in the 90s was institutionalized, "Sure we'll hire them, but they'll never get promoted," or "You're a good guy, but I don't want you dating my daughter." That kind of closet racism still exists.

For the 90s African American child, the only time they heard the word nigger was from rap music and calling themselves niggas in da hood. The young black populace has become desensitized from the power of the word. A lot of white people (not saying all and not saying most) and some black people want to take the power away from the word: "Why do you let the word bother you?" "Why do you get to say it and we can't?", etc. That's for another debate. However, I will say that for any black person (especially those that grew up in the 50s or 60s) who had been called "nigger" to their face and had to grin and bear it, or for any kid that watched his parents get water-hosed for demanding equal rights, the word "nigger" can never be de-powered.

Black people, for better or worse, have become the gate-keeper of the word "nigger," and we are doing an awful job at it. If you're a parent of a young teenager, sit down and watch the greatest mini-series of all-time, Roots.  Have them watch Jackie Robinson biopics, and then discuss it with them: feelings, perception, why it's important in American history, etc. If they're younger, and you don't feel comfortable with them seeing how shitty we can be as people, have them read a book like The Color of My Skin. This is not just for African Americans - this should be for everyone.

Richie Incognito gets a word from the top to "toughen up" Jonathan Martin. He goes too far, and the Dolphins make him the fall guy. Does this sound familiar? Remember a little movie from 1992 starring Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson? A Few Good Men was the name of the movie, and it was about a general who ordered his marines to toughen up another marine, and then when that marine was killed, the other marines took the fall for it. At some point I expect ESPN's Adam Schefter and coach Joe Philbin to be in a locker room and have the following conversation:

Philbin: Son, we're playing a game in which you can't even comprehend what it takes to beat a team like Tom Brady and Bill Belichek, and you want to ask me the means in which I entertain the masses with a QB like Ryan Tannehill?

Schefter: I want the truth.

Philbin: You can't handle the truth.

Schefter: Did you order a code red?

Philbin: You're goddamn right I did.

My point is, Joe Philbin will lose his job over this, mark my words. Richie Incognito, though just doing his job, went way over the top and may never see a football field again. Little hint - when trying to spot a racist, here are 3 red flags: 1) a confederate flag t-Shirt (unless you're Kanye West), 2) anytime you refer to a group of people with "The" (aka "The Blacks," "The Jews," "The Gays"), and 3) If you have a tattoo that says "Made In The USA" (Incognito has one). Your Racist radar should be on alert. Jonathan Martin, despite his Harvard parents and Stanford background, handled this like a community college kid unsure of his major.

Last week we struggled to a 2-3 record, but as you know I'm undaunted. I'm about to go on an unprecedented run...All Aboard the KB train...

Cowboys + 7
Chargers +7.5
Steelers -3
Bears even
Bengals -1.5

Friday, November 1, 2013

NBA Predictions and week 9 NFL vegas style

Hey, hey, the NBA is here or as I like to call it, The Lebron James Show. Here's something that you never heard any team athlete say. "I want to go down as the greatest of all time". Think about it. Ali said it, Tiger has said it, but they compete[d] in individual sports. You've heard many an athlete say, I want to be considered an all-time great or one of the greatest, but no one has ever said, I want to be the greatest to ever have played my sport... until now. Lebron said it. I mean who says something like that. I'm in the business of stand-up comedy, where narcissism and ego manicalness (yep, I just created a new word, acknowledge me Webster) is the way of life and I've yet to hear a comic say they want to be better than Richard Pryor. No one would dare put themselves under that kind of microscope. James identified Michael Jordan as the best and that he wants to surpass him. I think that's fantastic. We're going to be watching him and everything he does, we will stack it up against MJ. Yesterday a buddy called and said can you believe that Miami lost to Philadelphia last night, that would have never happened to an MJ led team. It has begun LeBron it has begun

Western Conference
Oklahoma City Thunder oh what could have been. Serge Ibaka, Jeff Green, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and James Harden would have made an impossible team to defeat. That could have been the line-up if they hadn't traded away Green for Kendrick Perkins and Harden for cheapness. Now they have a team that's still talented with 2 top 10 players in Durant and Westbrook but not near the firepower needed to come out of the loaded West. Sure they'll be no easy out but they can't match-up with these teams

Dark Horse
Memphis Grizzlies is a deep talented team but if Zach Randolph isn't gonna be the dominant force that he was 2 years ago, then they have no chance. They don't have enough outside shooting to unclog the lane and give Marc Gasol and Randolph the room to operate. However if Mike Miller and Conley stroke it consistently and Randolph paces himself ala tim Duncan they could sneak in the championship.

Not Quite
The Golden State Warriors are a fun team to watch. They can stroke it with the best of them, but I've yet to see a team that doesn't play defense win a championship. Run and gun is great for the regular season, but you gotta be able to clamp 'em up son. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson can conceivably give you 10 3's a game between them, but where's the easy points coming from... Andrew Bogut?!!! ummmm...

So the favorites in the west is suppose to be from a Center who can't shoot free throws, a power forward who can't shoot free throws and is your leading scorer but doesn't have a go to move, 2 shooting guards who can't guard anyone and your best player on the team is 6 ft. How many championships have been won when the unquestioned best player on the team is led by a little guard in the last 30 years. The answer is one, Isaiah Thomas and the Detroit pistons who won 2 chips by playing stout defense and I think Doc Rivers is a great coach but this team has too many holes. I'm just wagering with history boo.

Which leaves
I'm done writing off the San Antonio Spurs. Greg Popovich is the best coach in the game. They're deep and Kwahi Leonard will replace Manu Ginobli and become the third headed monster next to Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. No other team in the West is as versatile as the Spurs. The only way they don't make it, is if a serious injury to one of their core players happen. Which is definitely possible but I bet they hold off all competitors for 1 more year and Tim Duncan solidifies his stature as the best player of his era

Eastern Conference
I think the Boston celts... er, I mean the Brooklyn Nets have a solid team. They have second round written all over them, but their go too players are a bit soft. I used to think Deron Williams was the best point guard in the league. Now he may not be top 5, would you take him over Paul, Rose, Westbrook, Curry or Irving? Brook Lopez can score in the post and is a solid 7 foot, athletic big, but what's up with only 7 boards a game?!!! Pierce and Garnett along with Johnson and Terry are nice pieces but KG's has gotta put some mental toughness in that team, throw in Jason Kidd as the coach and something just doesn't sit right with me and this team

The New York Knicks owner James Dolan said that he expects to win a championship this year Ummmm, Raymond Felton, Amar'e Stoudemire, Bargani, J. R. Smith, Peace... I know right. If by championship he means, we'll make the playoffs and lose in the 1st round then he'll be correct

Not Quite
Indiana Pacers are definitely not a dark horse after giving the Heat everything they could handle in last year's Eastern Conference finals. Paul George is a superstar and he could at least make Lebron's impact somewhat negligible. Hibbert is a beast. I love the pick-up of Luis Scola and the experience they got from last year's playoffs. However the uncertainty of Danny Granger and the backcourt of Lance Stephens and George Hill doesn't give me the confidence to pick them to win it all.

also Not Quite
The Miami Heat????? What, wait, why??? Here's my simple answer. Resting Dwayne Wade in the 2nd game of the season says one thing. The Heat will semi-coast thru the regular season and gear up for the playoffs. Which means they are contempt to NOT have home court advantage. Which means they will have to play a combination of Indian and Chicago to get thru the East. They struggled last year with those 2 teams and this year, both the Pacers and Bulls are considerably better than they were last year. Which means the Heat will have to deal with Hibbert, Noah, West, Scola, Boozer and Gibson, which means... They're gonna have to count on Greg Oden, gulp. I hate to best against Lebron but if they're gonna sacrifice home court ...

Which leaves
Maybe I'm a homer in picking the Chicago Bulls but despite the throttling the Heat gave them in the season opener, this team is not nearly the team they're gonna be at the end of the season. Jimmy Butler will be a bona fide star, Rose will have shaken off the rust and Mike Dunleavy will be a difference maker (god I hope so) The Bulls are ready and so am I

Bulls over San Antonio in 6

Let's not forget the all important week 9 picks of the week
Cowboys -10.5 over Minnesota
Cowboys/Vikings over 48
Buffalo +3.5 over Kansas city
Oakland- 3 over Philadelphia
Bears/Packers u 50.5

P.S. the Indiana Pacers are getting 15-1 odds to win the championship this is great value

See you next week

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