Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Random thoughts from the world of sports issue #1

Of the four remaining teams that were left in the NBA playoffs (Lakers, Nuggets, Cavs and Magic) I was pulling for the Nuggets. After each passing game it was becoming harder and harder to route for them. Slightly it was because of dirty play, I'll get to that in a bit, but they way they were chest bumping and nodding there heads you would think they were the greatest show on earth. Nothing irks me more than to see a player running around like he's the best ever after he hits a shot and still shoots 3-15 from the field (i.e. J.R. Smith). Unfortunately thats the way the game is played today and it is also the reason why the NBA will not be fully appreciated as the beautiful artistic game that it is. Now I don't have a problem with a little dirty play especially in the playoffs but if you're going to be a bully Denver and then the bullied stands up too you, don't cringe in the corner and lose by 30 pts. at home in game 6 of the WCF. That just shows how gutless and how far your team is away from being a contender. Adios Denver!

Cleveland has to realize something about the NBA it's all about match-ups, always has and always will be. The Bulls knew it on there second repeat, they knew that in order to beat Orlando with Shaq and Penny they had to get bigger to match-up with them so they got rid of fan favorite B.J. armstrong and redefined the role of Ron Harper who was coming off a horrible season. Thats what the Cavs have to do, get rid of Delonte West and go bigger cause Dwight Howard is young and only going to get better. By the way that was bush league with Lebron not shaking hands and not talking to the media, win with grace and lose with grace, normally I don't have a problem either way with it. Unless you acknowledge that you're the face of the NBA and endorse 1000's of products to be sold due to your image. A slap on the wrist and Scott Van pelt gets to keep your throne King james!

I saw Kobe's interview with Magic last night and didn't believe a word he said. If you put Kobe in a room all by himself and asked if he thought he was the best player ever. I guarantee he would say yes and of course he wants to win without Shaq it's what he wanted to do all along. Which is why he ran Shaq out of town. This series will go 7 games and Kobe's legacy is riding on it, trust me I know it and so does he! Now that I've lambasted the Nuggets, let me say this with the rise of the Nuggets and the fall of the Pistons I say Chauncey Billups is a hall of famer. 7 straight conference finals can now be directly tied to Billups, without that trade he would just be recognized as a good player on a good team. His numbers are avg., but there's no denying his leadership.
Derek Jeter is one of 4 players with 2600 hits, 200 hr's and 1000 rbi's in his first 15 years..whoopty-damn-do! Those numbers are not hall of fame numbers they do represent consistent play and thats what DJ has been throughout his career. He's a hall of famer because of his clutch play and championship banners. Numbers can be construed to manipulate anything you want and I've nevr seen 2600 hits listed as a milestone. David Ortiz Yikes, I'm not touching that one!

Hockey why would you run your playoffs during the same time as the marketing guru of the NBA. Have it in April between the March Madness and the NBA playoffs, nothing really relevant happens in April. Now you're reduced to playing back to back games. So sad. If Roger Federer wins the French Open by not beating Nadal people will compare it to the Houston Rockets winning without Jordan in the league, that would be a mistake. Roger has 13 grand slam titles which justifies his career and unlike Jordan, Nadal actually played and lost in the French Open.

Take this knowledge that I've dropped people, process it and use it for future use or poop it out and use it as a fertilizer for growing your sports awareness. Peace Out