Thursday, March 21, 2013

A thinking Man's guide to the Tournament

Yay, March Madness represents a 2 week period which is acceptable to eating wings and getting drunk from late morning to late afternoon, taking a power nap and then eating pizza and getting re-drunk from  evening to around mid-night... otherwise known as a day in the life of Kevin Bozeman. Instead of just posting my brackets like I do every year. I decided to give you my systematic approach as to how I rationalize my selections and ultimately come up with a National Champion. So please take 5 minutes to enjoy the logic that is Kevin Bozeman

Michigan in my opinion is the most overrated team in the tournament. I think that little dog Robinson disappears way too much and Tim Hardaway is a big shot maker but is too streaky for me to believe they can win 5 games to make the Final Four. However, Trey Burke is the real deal if he and Hardaway play lights out they're in the final four regardless of who they play. Sadly as a Big Ten fan I got them out in the second round against a strong VCU team.

Kansas had a bad week in an otherwise great season. I'm not a fan of their guard play and besides the sweet stroke of Ben Mclemore they don't have enough 3 point shooting which are the 2 things needed to beat a feisty VCU team.

Don't even think about Minnesota who doesn't play well on the road.
Don't even think about Florida who doesn't win close games
Think about Georgetown who played in the rugged Big East, plays tough D and is due to make a good tourney run up until they play a relentless VCU team

You can't refer to a team as strong, feisty and relentless and not have them in the Final Four
South: VCU

Indiana has the goods, they may struggle a bit against a fine NC State team and take a second to adjust to the Syracuse zone defense, but Indiana has too many strengths to be taken out before they get to the elite 8

I give Butler the benefit of the doubt. That's what happens when a team creates an aura around them. If the game is close you believe they are gonna win and the NCAA tournament is all about close games, so sorry Bucknell, sorry Davidson you don't have enough juice to blow out Butler so they advance

Miami on the other hand, can lose to Butler, but they'll have a few days to prepare and intangibles on their side. they have a chip on their shoulder and a great point guard so they'll stifle Butler.

Hey if Miami is the 1st ACC team to win the regular season conference and the conference tourney and not get a #1 seed the NCAA selection committee must have done so for a reason and so I side with them.
East: Indiana

I almost always pick Michigan State, year in and year out they are the most consistent team in the tournament. In the middle of the year I was like I know I'm gonna pick them in the final four this year EXCEPT... the Spartans kryptonite... an ACC powerhouse. Michigan State struggles whenever they play a good North Carolina or a good Duke team and in the sweet 16 they meet Duke who I believe is the second best team in the tournament.

Louisville will play St. louis in the sweet 16. Louisville will be favored by 8 - 8.5 points. Take St. Louis but Louisville will win.

Louisville played a very hot team in Syracuse in the Big East conference final, who was at the time on a UConn, Kemba Walker like run. They took the Orange best shot and proceeded to crush them. For that reason alone. I take them over Duke.
Midwest: Louisville

West aka the easiest region
Gonznga lost only 2 games this year and are very much deserving of a #1 seed, however early in the year they lost to Illinois at home and for some reason that sticks with me, which is why I pick Wisconsin to pull the sweet 16 upset.

I'm not sold on the Big east middle of the pack teams which is why I have Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Cincinati and Marquette all losing in the 1st round and so should you.

New Mexico is legit and their conference is underrated and after barely escaping a game Belmont team in round 2, Ohio State will find out just how legit they are.

I like the Badgers I really do, but I watched them and thought they were a sweet 16 team and yet i put them in the elite 8, but I'm not picking them to go to the final four... I'm not!!!
West: New Mexico

Louisville over New Mexico
Indiana over VCU
I don't have to explain myself in the final Four, you really think it's gonna be a New Mexico/VCU final?!!!

Louisville 68 Indiana 65

Here's my bracket (winners only)
Missouri     Louisville
Ok St.
St. Louis   St. Louis        Louisville
Saint Mary's                                        Louisville
Mich St.     Mich St.        Duke
Duke         Duke

Wichita st.     Gonznga
Kansas st.      Wisconsin       Wisconsin
Belmont                                                      New Mexico
New Mexico New Mexico   New Mexico
Iowa St.
Ohio St.         Ohio St.

N. C.          Kansas
Michigan    VCU              VCU
UCLA                                                   VCU
Florida        Florida            G-Town
G-Town     G-Town

NC State     Indiana
Syracuse    'Cuse      Indiana
Butler                                   Indiana
Davidson   Butler     Miami
Miami        Miami

New Mexico     Louisville
VCU                                  Louisville
Indiana              Indiana

Here's my "Fuck it if everything goes wrong bracket"

Missouri        L'ville
Ok St.
St. louis         St. Louis        St. louis
St. Mary's                                          Mich st.
Mich. st.       Mich st.          Mich st.
Duke            Duke

Wich. St.    Gonzaga
K-State       Wisocnsin        Gonzaga
Belmont                                              Gonzaga
New Mexico   New mexico   Iowa St.
Iowa st.
Ohio state       Iowa st.

NC              Kansas
Michigan     Michigan       Michigan
Minnesota                                         Florida
Florida         Florida           Florida
G-Town      G-Town

NC State   Indiana
Syracuse    UNLV     Indiana
Butler                                        Indiana
Marquette   Butler      Miami
Miami         Miami

Mich st.
Gonzanga Mich st.
Florida                    Indiana
Indiana     Indiana