Tuesday, March 18, 2014

5 myths you should apply to your Bracket strategy from your very best friend in the whole wide world

Kentucky will beat Wichita St. 
Kentucky should beat Kansas St. In the battle of the Wildcats. Kansas St. is a fringe tourney team at best when they're not playing at home. Kentucky was pre-season #1 so the "experts" almost have to place value in them or else they look like idiots for touting them all year. The reality is that Kentucky coach John Calipari, probably sold his soul to the devil 2 years ago when he won his only championship team, since then his teams have been extremely disappointing. My take on Kentucky is that tey are extremely talented but chemistry fragile. The fact that they lost by 1 point to Florida means nothing. That's the 3rd time they've played them and lost all 3 times. Thats hard to do. Wichita St. plays a team oriented game and feast on teams like Kentucky, you just watch boo!!!

Louisville is the team to beat
I admit that the Cardinals should have been ranked higher than a #4 seed, but they definitely shouldn't have been a 1 seed. So does this mean that if and when they play Wichita St. in the sweet 16, that they're the team to beat? The Shockers made it to the final four last year and took the Cardinals to the wire. This year the Shockers are better and the Cardinals are not as good as last year. Can the Cards win, sure, but do you want to invest so much on a team that can be knocked out of the sweet 16?

You have to pick at least one 12 seed 
Will there be at least one 12 seed beating a 5 seed this year... Perhaps. Have you seen the 4 seeds this year. Michigan St., UCLA, Louisville and San Diego St. are really good, so if you pick a 12 seed this would be their 2nd game. Picking a 12 over 5 upset is a guessing game, sure it may happen but the chances that a 12 seed advancing this year to the sweet 16 will be a tough one. The real upsets will happen with 6 vs 11's and 7 vs 10's. Or as i like to call them, teams the committee believes that can be really good or really bad

Teams that you seen on TV must go far, why else would they be on TV
In college nowadays teams are more evenly matched, cause all the NBA ready players already left or are freshmen. The teams that have juniors and seniors are the ones that are poised to make deep runs. Cinderella's are generally led by seniors who have no chance of playing in the NBA, so for all intensive purposes, this is their last hurrah. The only reason they're called Cinderella is that they never got any real TV time and the committee just look at strength of schedule, in other words they do what we do... Guess Work!!!

Big Ten is overrated
Not this year boo, nope not this year. Badgers was 16-0 beat 2 #1 seeds, Michigan St. Was 18-1, Ohio St. started strong and so did Iowa, while  Michigan played a monster tough early schedule and then they all started playing each other, which is where most of those losses accrued. Now they've been set free and they are gonna devour teams. I see possibly 2 final four teams coming out of the Big Ten. 

You're welcome!!!