Saturday, December 28, 2013

Week 17 Vegas winners, every game, every F**king game

The last week of the regular season is upon us, also known as "CAN Y'ALL PLEASE LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE, FOR JUST ONE MORE DAY".

Managing the Vegas lines for the last week of the season can be tricky, will teams play their starters, which teams have already mailed it in and which teams are willing to build a little momentum going into next year? All viable questions. 

Lucky you, I have all the answers. Yes, I Kevin Bozeman, will break down every NFL game in week 17. Factoring in all of the necessary ingredients, emotions, teams history, the prior 16 weeks and a considerable amount of guess work. I've even labeled the sure locks all the way to the it can go either way categories.

Tennessee -7.5 over Houston over 44 pointsHas any teamed mailed a season in more than the Texans has... Ever?!!! They've lost 13 games in a row, while only covering twice. They have a 45 man roster and only J.J. Watts has not mailed it in. 

Minnesota -2.5 over Detroit over 51.5 Speaking of mailing it in. The Lions, (my pre-season super sleeper) has folded like a nymphomaniac yoga instructor (everyone should have sex with one of those, at least once in their life). I don't care that All Day Peterson is out. The Lions are cowardly.

Miami -5.5 over N.Y. Jets under 41.5 The Dolphins are the prototypical NFL football team. Win against the Patriots and then stink up the joint against the Bills. They own the Jets though and no way are the Jets an 8-8 team.

Reasonably safe picks
New Orleans -12 over Tampa Bay under 48 The Saints have not clinched a playoff spot yet and they're at home, no way they meltdown against an underrated but still not very good Bucs team

Atlanta + 6.5 over Carolina under 45.5 The Falcons still has talent and they haven't stopped playing hard. Plus Carolina for the 1st time is playing as a favorite with a lot at stake. 

Pittsburgh -7 over Cleveland under 44 The Steelers has a chance to get back to .500 after starting the season 0-4 and 2-6, with an outside chance of making the playoffs. Impressive!!!

Washington + 3.5 over N.Y. Giants under 46 Why would anyone think the Giants are more than 3 points better than any team in the NFL not named Houston?

Cincinnati -6.5 over Baltimore over 44 The Ravens lack of running game against the Bengals dominance at home will keep them out of the playoffs for the 1st time in 6 years

Dallas + 7 over Philadelphia over 51 I still haven't decided if losing Tony Romo is a good thing for the Cowboys. It's not, but Orton has some skill and they're at home so they'll keep it close

Jacksonville + 11 over Indianapolis over 45.5 The Colts going with Donald Brown is a good thing but They have way too many let down moments too trust a double digit victory

Kansas City + 10 over San Diego under 45 I don't care that the Chiefs are resting their starters. The Chargers just don't do things the easy way

51% chance of winning
Arizona + 1 against San Francisco over 42 It's only right that the NFL has a 11-5 team not make the playoffs while a 9-7 team does. 

Oakland + 11.5 over Denver over 54.5 Though I will easily lock the Denver/Oakland over. I think a double digit home dog is a bit much for a Denver team, who's defense is below average.

New England  -8.5 over Buffalo under 46.5 New England is just way too unpredictable to wager confidently on them. It's all I have to say about them

Seattle -11 over St. Louis under 43  the Rams played Seattle tough earlier this year and if Marshawn Lynch is gonna run buck wild then the Seahawks are a very mediocre offensive team

Last but not least
Bears versus Packers Aaron Rodgers is back, but surely he'll be a little rusty. The Bears defense is woeful against the run and Eddie Lacy is running like a healthy Marshawn Lynch, but as always it comes down to Jay Cutler and once again, perhaps for the last time. I will put my eggs in his basket... Bears + 3 over Green Bay under 52.5 

Friday, December 20, 2013

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas is ... 

I never get what I want for x-mas. I ask and I ask but yet people never get me what I want. I'm a simple man, I'm not asking for the world.  A gift certificate to a Nike Outlet store, a video game or 2 to keep the inner child alive and well and maybe throw in a slab of applewood smoked bacon. What's wrong with that? Instead what do I get. A pocket knife and an AM radio with a flashlight, as if someone is slowly preparing me for a zombie apocalypse. I got a fucking tie last year. Getting me a tie is the equivalent of getting someone else a fruitcake. It says 'I really wanted to get you something to show that I don't care about you at all' 

So this year, I'm reaching out to the world of immortals. The man that used to come thru for me year after year. That's right good Ol' St. Nick. The last month or so, I've studied theories, listen to analysts, jotted notes on player and coaches interviews, and all I want Santa, is for you to make the perfect sports world for me. here's my x-mas list buddy:

Ist, fix football Santa.
   Get rid of the extra point. It's a useless play. Every touchdown is worth 7 points and if they go for a 2 point conversion and fail, then it's worth 6 points. The NFL already made kickers and punters irrelevant by stating that they can't be hit during the field of play. Go ahead and go that extra yard. The extra point is the most mundane play in ALL of sports. Completely useless and a waste of time. Bill Belichek says so and he's the smartest person in the NFL, just ask Peyton Manning

 Allow coaches to challenge pass interference calls. Every pass play; (is this where a semi colon goes) players, fans, coaches and commentators are waiting/asking for a penalty flag to be dropped. It has dominated the game. If that's the case, then let coaches challenge the penalty. We're trying to get the game right aren't we?!! Same rule applies, if you lose the challenge, you lose a time out. So simple. Jon Gruden thinks they should and he's only the biggest football nerd in the NFL, just ask Ron Jaworski. You know how hard it is for Jaws to be made obsolete.

You would think that I would ask Santa to change all the illegal hit penalties and defensive rule changes that allow offenses to score 30 points a game (not you N.Y. Giants, I'm not talking about your shit team) I however am not, mostly because I know what it feels like to be concussed every Monday morning.... Hello Jameson* 

* Santa if you could give me a super absorbent liver, that would be awesome

2nd, Baseball Hall of Fame
 I really go back and forth about who belongs in the Hall of Fame and who does not. I think that players like Bonds and Clemons should get in, they were clear HOF's before they started 'allegedly' juicing. While players like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire had no chance of making it until they started juicing, should not get in. However, what do we do with players like A-Rod and Manny Ramirez, when did they start juicing, right away or much later in their careers? Is it fair that they get in, while Sosa and Mac sits? What about the players that did it the right way, like Frank Thomas and Curt Schilling who was calling out players juicing long before the media did anything about it. Which brings me to the Baseball HOF voters. Isn't it their journalistic responsibility to investigate these matters. The right to vote for the Hall of Fame is a prestigious honor and they at the very least owe us, the fan, the due diligence to turn over every nook and cranny over why and how mediocre players were now hitting 50 home runs per year, instead of trying to pass the "baseball are wound tighter so the ball travels further" theory.  I also find it weird, that when Mark McGwire and the happy go lucky black man Sammy Sosa was crushing the ball, the media smiled and said how great the game of baseball was, but when the angry black man Barry Bonds started crushing the ball, all of a sudden, 'there's something wrong with the game of baseball', but that's for a different blog. So what I'm asking Santa, is that you make these pompous, self righteous, contradictory, (I vote Tony Larussa into the Hall, but not Mark McGwire, who Tony clearly defended while he was cheating, playing for Tony's team) hypocritical voters, to set some basic guidelines for hall of Fame induction. ie, 500 home runs, 300 wins automatic hall entry while allowing players that come up short of arbitrary numbers the right to be voted in. And yes I still say a big fuck you to Pete Rose.

3rd, College Basketball 
It's simple Santa, I believe high school players should be allowed to play in the NBA immediately, it's the American way. If you're gonna make them stay, make it 2 years. The college game would benefit from it. I'll take the sure fire NBA prospect over the fringe Overseas, D-league prospect any day of the week. The longer you keep NBA prospects in college the better chance we'll have of not watching a Duke/Butler finals again. Imagine watching a player like Jabari Parker who just dropped 20+ points, 10 boards and 5 dimes (pretty impressive for a Duke freshman until you hear the last freshman to do it was Corey Maggette ... Then not so much) come back for a 2nd year. I know the players union fought hard to allow players to jump ship after one year, but don't you have a magical fairy dust or something

Last but definitely not least, NBA
I really think that the NFL with it's rule changes is losing its appeal among sport fans. Now's the chance for the NBA to pounce. I believe the NBA can become America's game. OK, the sport is too dominated by African-Americans for that to actually happen, but hey white people you can claim Blake Griffin. (does anyone know his nationality? This is a good thing right?) At the very least it would change the perception that the NBA is a selfish group of malcontents, who don't play hard and are only worth watching during the playoffs. All  you have to do Santa, is change the lottery format. Instead of the worst playoff team getting the best chance to win the 1st pick in the draft, how about the best non-playoff team, gets the most lottery balls. It makes so much sense. That means no more teams tanking it. No more trading away a teams best assets, to 'rebuild' for the future. No taking games off. Win and be rewarded. This isn't rocket science Santa. A family of four pays well over a $100 to go see a NBA basketball game, shouldn't they be rewarded with a teams best effort. "Hey season ticket holder, I know our team is shit, but we're gonna try to win as many games as possible, so we can get a high lottery pick" - sincerely Random NBA  GM. I've been championing this notion for years and so has Mike Greenberg from ESPN, I'm not saying he stole my idea, but my blog has been picking up steam. Anyway, who cares. He's the most popular voice in sports radio so he's gotta know something right?

While you're at it Santa, if you could you know... Like um, well you know...
Denver -10.5 over Houston, always bet against Houston
Dallas -3.5 over Washington, Washington is bad but this Cowboys meltdown is one for the ages
Dallas over 54, if the weather is atrocious then be leery, if not, then this should be covered by halftime
San Francisco -10 over Atlanta, the 49ers make a habit of crushing bad teams and the Falcons are bad
Carolina -3 over the Saints, This ain't the Superdome homie
Bengals -8 over Minnesota, Bengals are a different team at home
Ravens -2 over New England, Gronkowski injured makes the Pats very beatable

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Never trust a man in orange and vegas picks

I'll be honest, I've never been a big fan of the color orange. It's the most untrustworthy of all the colors. If you're racist at least you know where black or white stand. Yellow represents afraid, red-anger, gray-indecisive. Oh but that orange, what does it represent? It reeks of fakeness I tell ya. I don't even trust a pumpkin, smiling at me, with his crooked teeth as his pumpkin guts lay next to him in a garbage can. No pumpkin, now is not the time to smile, you're a one month fad, end of October - end of November, then times up. Stop being fake, what exactly are you, a fruit, a veggie, are you a fucking legume.

Which brings me to Mike Shannahan, head coach of the Washington Blah Blahs. I remember when they 1st hired him and his initial press conference, I thought, "holy orange face" how can a head coach be that tan, but I dismissed it. I thought he's a rich man, late 50's why not lay out in the sun, enjoy life Mr. Shanahan. Fast forward 6 months later, living in frigid Washington D.C. in early January, guess who's still fucking orange?!!! Mike Shanahan. 

Is this just some small little nit pic, trying to force a blog out of this bored soul, as I try to occupy myself at a Starbucks on a gloomy December day in Tulsa, OK.... Perhaps. However, don't you think men who gets paid, millions of dollars, to be violent and win at all cost should have a general who is the most  honest and real person in the entire organization? Bill Belichek, Tom Landry, Bill Parcels, Vince Lombardi, you think those dudes would ever get a tan and then tell 53 of the most dedicated, angry, violent dudes in the world, that they're not tough?!!! Do you trust a 60 year old man wearing goggles and a speedo, lying in a hot bed, giving your favorite team a halftime pep talk? 

Yes RGIII is having a down year, yes he also has handled things in an undermining way. However Agent Orange in all his fakeness, clearly didn't take charge. No way he should have let RGIII play in last years playoffs. He was just a rookie, you made it to the playoffs, everything else was gravy. You ended up letting him talk you into playing. Every athlete wants to play, its your job to say NO!!! What happened? His knee was blown up and he hasn't been the same since and now you want to sit him at the end of the regular season so he can be healthy for the off season?!!! Who sits someone so they can be healthy for a vacation? Fake I tell you, Shanahan is fake, fake, fake. He handled Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth poorly, not because they weren't washed up. He just was dishonest and not upfront. You think Belichek would ever have that problem? Randy Moss, thanks for your time but you've lost a step bye, bye. Wes Welker thanks for the 100 catches a year and crucial drop passes, bye, bye. Mike Shanahan "Well, we benched McNabb cause he was tired in the 4th quarter but he's still our guy" huh? What QB gets tired in the 4th quarter after going thru a full training camp and half the season?

Another thing, sure Agent Orange has 2 Super Bowl rings, but he did that with one of the 3 best QB's to ever play the game in John Elway. Since he won his last Super Bowl in 1998, Agent Orange has amassed one playoff victory. Of course I could just put this Shananan-agins on the Washington blah blah's owner, Daniel Snyder, for looking continually to make a big splash, instead of actually doing a legitimate search of assembling a real football team. However, 2 rings is sometimes hard to ignore. So for future reference Mr. Snyder, if someone walks into your office, with  a man purse, crocs or clogs, skinny jeans, a gold chain, a downloaded ringtone, a sweater vest, a chain wallet or a DEEP DARK TAN. They are not a head football coach. I'm sure this time next year, Shanahan will be cool, enjoying his 7 million dollars and Mai Tai's as he lays out in his summer home patio.

Speaking of leadership. Normally I would be done with this blog but I can't let go the recent comments made by Jim Brown about Kobe Bryant on Arsenio Hall this week. Look I get that Jim Brown is an all time great, and a Nobel civil rights activist, but to say that Kobe would have never been asked to be an activist and is confused about culture, even though from my understanding Brown has never even met Kobe Bryant, let alone had a legitimate conversation with the man, is both disrespectful and irresponsible. It would be like saying that Jim Brown an alleged woman beater, is the worse kind of man and gives the African American man a bad rep. I'm sweeping Jim Brown's statement under the rug and so should you

Well last week I went 4-0, yep I sure did
Seattle -7 over New York is anyone paying attention to how awful Eli Manning has been? No way he doesn't throw at least 2 INT's and a pick 6 this game, no way

Jacksonville + 1 over Buffalo The Jags are a covering machine of late. What faith do you have in Buffalo? Sure their wings are amazing but not the team

Indianapolis -6 over Houston, The Texans are the worse team in football, trust me on this boo, trust me

Cincinnati -2.5 over Pittsburgh. I wanted to pick the Bengals a lot more this year but I don't trust the way I spell Cincinnati (you have to admit, there could have been an easier way to spell that name) thank you spell check

Baltimore + 6 over Detroit
Detroit wins, but another Matthew Stafford bone headed interception allows the Ravens to cover

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Saturday, December 7, 2013

I'm calling out the NFL, MLB and Chris Paul and week 14 picks

Can we please stop calling Chris Paul a superstar?!!! At the very least the 3rd best player in the NBA?!! There was an article written on ESpN about CP being the best point guard ever. I of course didn't read it. If I want to be entertained by skewered facts I would watch Fox News or MSNBC. I'm sure they pulled out some player efficiency rating to back up this non-conversation worthy topic, but I would counter this. Chris Paul is in his 9th year. He's  only won 2 playoff series in his entire career, sure his team is flawed, but a true superstar could do some damage with the likes of Blake Griffin, Jamal Crawford, Deandre Jordan, Matt Barnes and Caron Butler, those aren't scrubs. Not by a long shot. The NBA is a superstar driven league. Look at the last 30 years of the NBA, playoff success has been dictated by superstars. Not to mention that in the last 30 years little guys that are the best players generally don't win. Isaiah Thomas being the exception, but his team had to totally revamp their style of play for him to win. You could also throw in Tony Parker but I would say Tim Duncan is at least 1A with Parker and also, Tony Parker hasn't won a championship since he became the teams number 1 option. So yes CP is a really good player maybe even a hall of famer some day, but you would really take him over Paul George? You really think the Clippers are going to get out of the 2nd  round even though Paul now has a great coach and a team built around CP's talent? good luck with that.

Can we please stop acting like baseball GM's are any different from professional athletes when it comes to spending money. A 20's something athlete that never had anything, is suddenly thrown millions of dollars and is ridiculed when they blow it all by the time they're 30 years old. Tragic, yes. Bad advice and mismanagement, for sure. I still get it. Very few people can resist the temptations of a materialistic world especially when they've never had it, but general managers that run baseball teams... What's their excuse?!!! No one in their right mind can tell me that signing a 31 year old Albert Pujols, who at the time was not only considered the best player in the game but maybe one of the 10 best to ever play the game, was a good idea signing him to a 10 year contract. He's yet to live up to that contract and at 34, he's not going to get better. Still somehow the Seattle Mariners just signed a lesser player in Robinson Cano, who is 31 years old, too a 10 year contract. How can you justify paying a player 24 million a year when he will be 41 years old. The odds say that he will be past his prime by at least the age of 36. Unless you know he's doing... Well you know... I'd rather not say. So that's 5 years at 24 mil to a player who will be over the hill. $120 million dollars?!!! Someone wrote an article that Jay-Z, Cano's agent botched the deal.... WRONG!!! kudos to Jay-Z, I would have to think that part of the negotiations went like this
Seattle GM: You must think I'm one of your little groupie girls if you think we'll pay that much to Cano
Jay-Z: I got 99 problems but a bitch ain't one (Jay-z doesn't blink)
Seattle GM: (blinks) Ok we'll give Cano this money, but you and Beyonce have to perform at the Seattle Mariners Christmas party as soon as Cano bats .280 with 15 home runs. 
Jay-Z: HOV

Can we please stop acting like the NFL is a quality product?!!! The only reason that I'm invested in the NFL, is my multitude of fantasy teams, mixed with a small gambling problem and a fall/winter habit (that im sure to break) of spending every Sunday watching a once magnificent game. How can you justify that the NFL is great, when every pass play you either hope or hope not, pending on your rooting interest, that there is a penalty flag. Pass interference, illegal hit on the quarterback, etc. etc. How can that be entertaining. I'm a huge Chicago Bears fan, but I know a journey man QB when I see one and Josh McCown is that such dude, but yet every week he puts up monster numbers. Andrew Luck, Colin Kaepernick, RGIII and Russell Wilson all burst on to the scene with incredible efficiency. When the likes of Steve Young, Brett Favre and Troy Aikman (too name a few) struggled too adjust to the NFL. How can this be?!!! Answer me, Commissioner Goodell!!! The rule changes has made it increasingly hard to defend offenses. So now when a player like Josh McCown, who would have a limited amount of throws he could make, is giving an option of throwing the ball wherever he wants because defenses aren't allowed to hit anyone. He comes across as this great QB, when in actuality he has arguably the 2 best starting receivers in the game, whom defenses can't touch because of the rule changes. I'm personally glad that the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars played on Thursday, cause Thursday night football is the worse of the product offered by the NFL. Sending teams out every week with only 3 days to recover and prepare to make an extra dollar. Shame on you Goodell. We may as well get those 2 teams out of the fucking way, so we can salvage whatever good we can for the mediocrity the NFL has become. Every Thursday, the shittiest game of the week should be played as voted on by the fans? The reality is that there aren't any great teams in the NFL, which is why a mediocre Ravens team and before that a mediocre Giants team can catch a little hot streak and win a Superbowl. I get that players need to be protected, that's fine,  but its still a water shed product and shame on the NBA for not capitalizing on this, an injury to Derrick Rose, the awful hiring of Jason Kidd and Carmelo Anthony being a fraud of an NBA superstar has left the Eastern Conference in shambles. 3 teams at .500!!! This makes the NFC East look like a real division and with all of that being said. I give you this...

My picks of the week
Denver-13 over Tennessee Peyton Manning just declared that he was the same QB in cold weather as he is in a dome. Peyton also. Has a chance to break the single season record for touchdown passes in a year. I smell a rout 41-20

Denver/Tennessee over 49 look at above prediction silly

Pittsburgh-3.5 over Miami The Steelers won't go away quietly and sadly nor will the Dolphins and their Jonathan Martin saga 

Philadelphia -3 over Detroit I don't like Detroit on the road, as a matter of fact I won't even drive a Detroit made car on the road 

Is 4 games not enough?!! Fine
San Diego-3.5 over New York
Tampa Bay -3 over Buffalo

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