Friday, February 24, 2012

Tiger, Tiger, Tiger Woods ya'll

There's a fire burning in my heart and It's a burning for Tiger Woods. I need you Tiger Woods. You were suppose to carry the torch for once in a lifetime transcendent sport athletes. You were instant must see tv. My weekend television, as I lay in bed hungover from work, were suppose to be spent drinking gatorade and being mesmerized by you. Come back Tiger!

Michael Jordan was the last of these players and it was a perfect pass, like an olympic relay race, here Tiger, 'here's the baton, run buddy run, take the athlete of a lifetime mantra and set new measuring sticks for athletes, f**king run'! Peyton Manning can't do it he's mediocre in the playoffs, Tom Brady can't do it he's lost his last 2 superbowls, Lebron hasn't done it YET (there is still a chance) he's ringless and isn't even the closer on his own team, Kobe Bryant is just a creepier version of MJ without the transcendency. Federer? F**king Freddy Adu ? Who the hell is that. Sure these are all great players but Tiger had a chance at being the greatest athlete of all time and that's on da fo real boo. I need you Tiger.

You were not only suppose to beat Jack Nicklaus record of 18 majors, you were suppose to crush it. You were suppose to be at 18 now! I predicted that you would win 2 majors this year. I realize that this was more wishful thinking than any form of acquired knowledge that I have shared over the years, with uncanny accuracy and scary precision. I digress.

I talked to a good friend a few months ago who is an avid golfer. I asked him flat out is Tiger done. He said without hesitation, yep. It's all mental and Tiger has lost his confidence, he said. I didnt want to believe it. You're not factoring in that this is a once in a lifetime athlete, how many times did Ali get written off? He's gonna come back, that's the way the sporting world works. Then yesterday...a dagger, second round in a golf tournament, Tiger just has to make a 5 foot putt... and he misses. That's not what Tiger is suppose to do. Come back Tiger Woods.

This Tiger meltdown is putting a strain into my argument that I made a few years ago, yes Tiger Woods was the more dominant athlete but Michael Jordan success was more difficult I equate this to Gale Sayers being injured in his prime, Bo Jackson, those were guys who had a shot at being transcendent guys but injuries took it away. That's what Tiger is going against right now except that his injury is mental. I think 1 win, 1 crunch time putt will go along way to putting him back on track, but will it come to late? Come on Tiger!!!

If you continue to muddle along I'm gonna be stuck with made up sport heroes, like Tim Tebow or Jeremy Lin. Trust me on this boo, Lin is a lot more like Tebow than people think. In mostly the fact that he is over hyped. Lin is a serviceable player but he was definitely exposed last night in Miami, moving forward I will be interested to see how he deals with transforming from a player with a nothing to lose attitude into a we are now counting on you player and by the way if you can't deliver we have a quality former all star guard waiting in the weeds to take over. That's my next few months Tiger, do you really want this for me? I mean I am a huge procrastinator and it's easy to procrastinate when I'm watching greatness as oppose to random mediocrity

The NBA all-star weekend is here, how do I know, cause black people are going shopping for new suits and dresses like it's new years eve. I will watch the dunk contest this year even though it's composed of journey men. Incredible athletic feats are still incredible athletic feats. LeBron James has never entered the NBA slam dunk contest and to me that says a lot about his make up as a competitor, and gives an explanation to his playoff failures and willingness to leave the Cavs, so he could play with other stars. Ryan Braun won his appeal clearing him of any wrong doing in his steroid case. I kinda don't buy it, but I would love to read the entire MLB report concerning this matter. Rumor has it that he had herpes medication that effected his test results, if that was the case I would have just taken the 50 game suspension.

Til next week and to the greater African-American Community have a safe holiday weekend!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Lebron, Tony Parker and that Lin cat!

LeBron James is having arguably his best season ever, which is saying a lot considering he is one of the best REGULAR season players ever. But these numbers are off the charts 28 pts, shooting 55 pct. from the field, 8 rebs, 7 ast, just under 2 steals and 1 block. However, the most impressive number is the fact that I saw on tv that he weighs in at 280 pounds. W...T...F...! That's sh#t cray, ain't it cray, fish fillet. If you consider MJ was 6'6 225, Karl Malone was 6'9 260 and LBJ is 6'8, 280... teams have to force the Heat into a half court game cause Lebron is a run away freight train. There is no way that he shouldn't be dominant in the low post and all this doesn't matter if he doesn't come up big in the playoffs, he's still my MVP choice and if he's not the MVP this year it will probably be cause of...

...In the month of february, this guy has avg 23 points and 8 dimes leading his team to 9 straight victories with arguably their best player out. Who you ask? Well he was married to a woman that most men has either whacked it too or replaced their wife's face with hers, and he was like I can do better. He's also has been known to hook up with his teammates wives and when asked about it he responded with "I dish assists on the court, and score off the court" all of which can simply be explained away by saying 'hey, he's french, what do you expect'. That's right Tony Parker is dropping off some serious stats on a winning team, it doesn't matter that I feel the Spurs are a huge underdog to win the title, it's all about the regular season and few if any players are playing better than Tony 'I Make Wives Desperate for Me' Parker, Tony may not win and I can tell you who's not gonna be him out, but if you turn on the TV you would think that he was...

The Spurs 9 game winning streak is 2 more games than this player has played all year and yet he's part of the all star game festivities. He's saved a job of his coach and has fans and media alike thinking that one of the 10 best players in the game will ruin this guy when he returns from injury, yeah that's right the Asian sensation, Jeremy Lin.

Let me tell you this, Im a hoops aficionado and every now and again I get to show it off. Without further adieu I'm gonna break down Lin-sanity. There was a reason why Lin didn't make it with other teams, he's talented for sure, but undisciplined. The NBA is a superstar driven league, the best players on the team usually has the ball in their hands, and the more dominant the superstar, the more attention they draw defensively, which makes the other players on his team more effective. They are the QB of the team. The NY Knicks, however does not require this, Coach Mike D'Antoni is unconventional in the NBA, his coaching style is reliant on the PG running a very frenetic pace, consider the fact that Lin has committed 34 turnovers in 5 of the last 6 games that averages out to almost twice as many TO's as the other elite players in the game. D'Antoni almost plays a street ball kind of game which plays well for Lin, he does not emphasize defense either, which also plays very well for Lin. Consider Steve Nash an all-star guard for the Dallas Mavericks, who later signed with the Suns and coach D'Antoni. At the time Nash was at the end of his prime and yet he went on to win the MVP 2 years in a row under coach Mike D'Antoni's system. Lin is now benefitting the same way that Nash did. Here's the difference. Lin now has arguably the best forward combo in the game in Melo and Amare. Anyone that think the Knicks would be better without Melo are narrow minded on this topic. Lin's last game was 10 pts, 13 ast., if the Knicks are to be successful he will need to be consistent with these numbers as oppose to his 27 point outburst. They have 2 thoroughbreds on the team that are capable of scoring 30 points on any given night. The Knicks has struggled not because of Carmelo Anthony but because they need a point guard to run that offense and at least for 7 games it appears they have one...Tada. You have been enlightened. (p.S. Im only slightly kidding about my basketball knowledge)


Friday, February 3, 2012

Prop bets, a new NBA MVP front runner and a re-confirmation about who will win the Super Bowl

I have reviewed the Super Bowl in my head several times and the only way I see the game going over 55 points scored, is if the game goes into overtime and their are more than 6 points scored. Take the under.

I feel like whomever i select as the NBA front runner for this years MVP, I jinx. 1st it was Kobe and upon further study it was apparent that his play, although individually great, is not the most beneficial for the Lakers to succeed. The Lakers need bigger contributions from Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol and since the Lakers don't have a true point guard to allow this, it is up to Kobe to make sure this happens and he has yet to do so. Then it was Dwight Howard, and afterwards his team collapsed and he then proceeded to throw his teammates under the bus to the media. Definitely not MVP worthy. Now this week I will move King James into the slot. Which of course means absolutely nothing. It's obvious that regular season LeBron is the best player in the game but no matter how many MVP's he wins, ultimately he will be judged by what he does in the playoffs. That being said, his numbers this years are off the charts and no one is playing better than he.

If the game features two great QB's, and I DON'T believe that 55 points will be scored. It can only mean FG's will have to be settled for, and I just love the proposition bet of both teams kicking fg's over 33 yards at +140.

Has anyone noticed how well the Denver Nuggets are playing since they got rid of Carmelo Anthony. This maybe the best coaching job of George Karl to date and he has had some doosies over his career. This is the classic case of addition by subtraction, Take 1 malcontent star and trade him for several quality role players. However, for me to consider them championship worthy someone will have to emerge as the go to stud.

I see long drives that stall and long drives equals time off the clock and time off the clock means less possessions for each team and less possessions for each team means no way that their are more than 9 punts in this game, take the under -8.5 total punts -140.

Can March Madness come soon enough. Mens college hoops has quietly become womens college hoops. Is their 1 engaging college hoop story that's worth following? Consider this, the only undefeated team is mid-major Murray St., not one player in the NCAA is truly dominant, the Big Ten will get at least 6 teams in the tournament with only 1 of them able to get consistently over 50 points scored. Strictly from a selfish stand point I wish that college players would have to stay in school for a minimum of 3 years.

Tom Brady and Eli Manning will throw for a lot of yards, Eli over 315, Brady over 320 and those just happen to be the lines set by Vegas, take the over.

Sunday is the big game and I will not be attending anyone's shitty SB party. I don't want to talk to you, I don't care what you think of the commercials, and I definitely don't value your opinion of in-game analysis. So it will be me, with pizza, wings, cap'n and cokes and chocolate chip cookies. For my friends who do not have that option you can call me afterwards and I will let you ramble on aimlessly for 5 minutes about what you thought of the new Pepsi Commercial and how come the Ferris Bueller ad was soooo cool and afterwards I will not talk to you for the rest of february as I try to accept that you are no longer the person that I once knew.

This game is a match-up nightmare for the Patriots. The Giants are the most complete team in the NFL right now. They have great receivers, great QB play, a good running game and defensively they have a pass rush that will give Tom Brady all kinds of fits. However, for 2 specific reasons I pick the Pats, 1 the NFL is a very balanced league and the Pats lost to the Giants once this year in a close game and Belichek is a master of game planning so he will make the necessary adjustments and secondly, Brady will not lose to Eli 3 straight times, PERIOD!!! Patriots 26 Giants 23

Tom Brady 7/5 as the MVP. He's gonna win the super bowl and pass for over 320 yards in the game who else can you take!!!? Deuces