Friday, March 30, 2012

Lakers, Thunder, MVP race and the Final Four

The early return of Ramon Sessions give the Lakers an outside chance of making it to the finals. If Kobe can adjust his craziness to stop proving he's the best in the game, the Lakers starting 5 MAYBE the best in the NBA. That being said Oklahoma sent a huge message by going into LA and winning, that's a championship statement boo! I'm still not comfortable with OKC best offensive set is a clear out for Kevin Durant or nor am I convinced of Russell Westbrook decision making coming crunch time.

For the 1st time in weeks Lebron is no longer my MVP front runner, that distinction goes to Durant. The combination of Lebron not playing at the same torrid pace, mixed in with losses to the the Derrick Rose-less Bulls and also getting routed by the Thunder drops him slightly behind Durant, and just ahead of Parker, Howard and Love.

I've been watching Donovan McNabb on ESPN First Take and he is dropping a knowledge sandwich but wrapped around a touch bitterness. I agree with him about The Washington Redskins and in my opinion head coach Mike Shanahan is possibly the most overrated coach in all of sports, not to mention his ridiculous, I fell asleep in a tanning booth... multiple times, tan. A tan like that naturally reeks of fakeness. That being said Robert Griffith III is a great fit for the Redskin offense and will flourish despite what McNabb thinks

The Final Four is a formality for the Kentucky Wildcats? It appears so, but the fact that they haven't been challenged may come back to bite them if a game becomes really close. Maybe Kansas can do it but I think they lose to Ohio St. and Ohio St. Just doesn't match up well with the Wildcats. No, Louisville will not pull a UConn, and run the table, they will lose by 10 to the Wildcats.

Peyton Manning in some regards has become Lebron James, if you truly want to be considered the greatest, you need rings. I personally think the 49ers was his best opportunity, but of course I have no idea about the intangibles that goes into the decision making process of choosing a team. The over/under on Tim Tebow becoming the starter for the Jets should be 5.5 games. The baseball season is upon us and trust me on this, The Minnesota Twins will win more than 73 games. Tiger Woods one victory in 3 years has made him an overwhelming favorite to win the Masters next week. I like Rory Mcilroy, if not just for the 14-1 odds.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Bounty Gate: Roger Goodell vs. The Saints

If i was a screen writer this is how i would have written the movie tentatively titled "The Saints Go Marching In"

Commissioner - Samuel L. Jackson
Sean Payton - Ice Cube
Gregg Williams - Snoop Dog
Mrs. Sean Payton - Vivica Fox

Commissioner: Hey man, we're getting a lot of heat from the players union about protecting players and plus we eventually want to move to an 18 game schedule so you guys gotta chill on that bounty system
Sean Payton: I get it, that bounty system is overblown we don't really pay our players to hurt other players, it's just chatter
Commissioner: Word

(roughly 1 year later)
Commissioner: hey homie, I'm still hearing this chatter that ya'll tripping' on this bounty thing, I hate to be an ass, but y'all gotta chill on that tip, it's hurting the league image and it definitely sets us back big picture and all so what's the dealey-O?
Sean Payton: oh, word?!!! That shit cray I know we talked about it and I put the kabosh on the whole thang, I rapped with Gregg Williams and we know that shit don't look good and plus it's not like we're known as a dirty team or nuttin', and between you and I, Gregg maybe out after this year anyway
Commissioner: Cool, but I'm just sayin the way I came down on Vick and other players in the league I'm cant be going soft on you Holmes, my rep is on the line. Plus Dave Duerson killed himself and my man's brain ain't checking out right so I know I'm stressing this shit, but you and the bounty system is done, right?
Sean Payton: Fo sho'

Sean Payton: Hey, the commish is sweating me about this Bounty thang, we gots to cover our asses.
Gregg Williams: Maannn everybody does it, somebody straight snitching?
Sean Payton: tell ya boy I got him down for 5 G's for knocking out Aaron Rodgers
Gregg Williams: word

(9 months later)
Commissioner: Hey Mutha Fucka, did I not tell yo Monkey Ass to chill on this bounty shit. You deliberately went behind my back and still ran with this shit, are you out yo rabbid ass mind?
Sean Payton: Wait, hold up, hold up I ain't have nuttin to do with this, if this went down it went down without my knowledge!!!
Commissioner: You think you smarter than me?!!! I'm the commissioner bitch, I got ya email right here confirming the hit on Rodgers, now I gotta come down on ya. You threw this year playa, and tell ya boy Williams he can go coach in Canada cuz he's done for ever son! King Kong ain't got nuttin on me!!!

Mrs. Sean Payton: What the hell Sean
Sean Payton: I didn't know the commish was gonna be coming back like this, blasting!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dwight Howard, March Monotony headline this week's Random Thoughts

I have know idea why Dwight Howard decided to stay with Orlando and give up his rights to become a free agent but he has been playing spectacularly. He's now back to #2 on my MVP frontrunner list behind Lebron James and ahead of Tony Parker, Kevin Durant and K-Love.
Why you say? 24 points, 26 rebounds against the Heat and 28 points, 19 rebounds against the Bulls. He was the best player on the court of both of those games and those games featured Lebron, D-Wade and the reigning MVP Derrick Rose. Not to mention his team has the 5th best record in the NBA and none of the other starters on the Magic would start for the other top 4 teams in the league.

The Denver Broncos has pretty good odds to win the SB this year, which means that Vegas believes that Peyton Manning has a good chance of signing with them. Right now Tebow is praying that Manning's neck will snap. That's an awful lot of money to sign Mario williams, he's really good but I wouldn't call him great. Double Digit sacks only twice in his career is not quite path to the hall of fame money.

I watched 12 straight hours of March Madness yesterday and came away unfulfilled. I believe its due to the monotony of the regular season. May I suggest you get rid of the conference tournament to put a little more emphasis on the regular season. I know it makes you millions of dollars but in this case less is more. Love Kevin

The Lakers added one more person, that Kobe won't pass to enough, in quality point guard Ramon Sessions. Until Kobe brings his point total to around 24 or 25 a game I will not even think about him as an MVP candidate. Head Coach Mike D' Antoni resigned which means Carmelo Anthony is running out of excuses for not being an elite player. Greg Oden was waived by the Portland TrailBlazers which makes me think that with his bad knees and the fact that he dosen't look like he's 24 means that someone should investigate his birth certificate, I'm just saying.

Monday, March 12, 2012

NCAA Tournament picks and 4 games you should be careful of in the tourney

4 games that can make or break your bracket:

South- (10) Notre Dame vs. (7) Xavier
Early in the season Xavier was ranked #9 in the country but then they got into that huge fight with Cincy and lost players to suspension and scuffled a little bit, but toward the end of the season they righted their ship, and I think they are a very dangerous team. If they beat Notre Dame then they will most likely play (2) Duke and they will give the Dukies all they can handle and since almost everyone picks Duke yearly, to go deep in the tourney... brackets maybe in trouble.

West- (8)Memphis vs. (1) Michigan St.
I seen Memphis play and they are a lot tougher than an 8 seed, more like a 6 seed and little things like that can disrupt a bracket. Now I don't like to bet against Tom Izzo and the Spartans cause he has an incredible tournament track record but sometimes teams playing with a chip on there shoulder like Memphis may have could spell impending doom for Sparty.

East - (2) Ohio St. vs. (3) Florida St.
This game would be huge cause it my opinion it will decide what team will come out of the East bracket. I think (1) Syracuse is a match-up nightmare for Ohio St., but I think Florida St. matches up very well with Syracuse. If Ohio St. wins I think the 'Cusewill represent and if Florida St. wins then they will headed to 'Nawlins

Midwest- (3) Georgetown vs. (14) Belmont
Vegas has Georgetown as just a 3 point favorite, which are normally spreads given to 8 vs. 9 seeds. I think they smell an upset. The Midwest region to me is a virtual cake walk for North Carolina but early round upsets can be the difference of winning and losing your pool.

Of course if you want to see who I pick along with my entire bracket just look below and click on Kentucky suckas!!!