Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Random sports thoughts vol. 2

If you know you did steroids and are one of the names on the 103 person list. Come clean before you get leaked out, apologize to everyone and donate at least 10 percent of your salary to steroid abuse programs. Thats the only way to vindicate yourself. Whoever trades for Roy halladay is my odds on fav to win the world series. Carl Crawford got a single and made a catch he's your all-star MVP...WHAT?!?! Next year I predict that to make sure the all star MVP voting is taken seriously Bud Selig will announce that whoever wins MVP of the all star game will get to play for the World Series league representative that he plays for.

Shaq going to Cleveland gets them exactly as far as they got this year. They need to add another player, preferably a 6-8 swingman. Ron Artest signing with the lakers is as close to MJ/Pippen as you'll see. Kudos to the Spurs for signing McDyess and trading for Richard Jefferson, with a healthy Manu, they have an outside shot at beating the Lakers! I like Orlando with Vince Carter and his shot making ability over Hedo and the Match-up problems he causes. Plus Vince is that much better if Dwight Howard emerges as a consistent #1 option. There's no way the Bulls should trade Tyrus Thomas and Kirk Hinrich for the talented but oft injured and slightly small for a power forward Carlos Boozer! The lakers will be cool if they let Lamar Odom go, you heard it here first Adam Morrison will flourish playing for the Lakers! In a perfect world if A.I. kept his ego in check he would be a perfect fit coming off the bench for the...Bulls. We all know that it's not a perfect world

Blake Griffith can become a hybrid Karl Malone/Elgin Baylor or a slightly better role playing Kenny Walker. I do not know the answer to that.  Stephon Curry can be a Chris Jackson or a Mahmoud Abdul Rauf, with the new rules of the NBA and its fun and gun systems I'm thinking Chris Jackson. Minnesota T-Wolves are to point guards in one year what the Detroit Lions are to Wide receivers in a 5 yr. span. That can be a good thing.

Farve going to the Vikings reminds me of the girl who gets dump and tries to sleep with the guy she knows her ex cant stand. Has anyone ever won as much for losing as Andy roddick has? Tiger will not win a major this year. Joe Mauer is a white Kirby Puckett and I've dropped enough knowledge for one day. Peace!