Tuesday, September 15, 2009

random sports thoughts vol. 3

A lot of people like to make there NFL predictions before the season to begin, I like to wait a week to see teams in actions.  It took roughly 59:30 seconds of game time to realize the Bengals are still the Bengals, ditto for the Buffalo bills. The New England Patriot offensive line is the most overrated unit in the NFL. Although the Oakland Raiders overpaid with a first round pick for Richard Seymour, I see where they are coming from, that Raiders secondary is good and with a pass rush they will be even better. Adrian Peterson is a man among boys. Anybody that has a problem with Brett Farve coming out of retirement is taking it too personal. Farve in the NFL is great for football and The Vikings/Packer games will be two of the most watched regular season games in football history. Jay Cutler threw four picks, if you're a Bear fan like I am that should not be your biggest concern. The Bears had a chance to steal the game from the Pack after a horrendous call from the referee helped lead them to first and goal from the 8, but they settled for a field goal, championship teams score touchdowns when they have too and just like last year the bears settled for a field goal leaving the door open for another tough loss. Michael Vick you've lost 70 million dollars any chance of future endorsements, spent two years in jail so how about sitting out the first 2 games of the season. Thats clearly a political move. Alot of people are picking the San Diego Chargers clearly forgetting that Norv Turner is the head coach.  I like Philly as an early Superbowl pick, but something tells me Atlanta make sneak in and lose to the Steelers on that Superbowl Sunday. 

I predict the Phillies will repeat as champs as Brad Lidge gets his act together after single handedly ruining my Fantasy Baseball team. The Red Sox will play the Angels which is bad news for them cuz they can beat the Yanks just not the Red Sox. So the Yankees will play for the World Series. 

Serena snapped and Federer snapped now you know the difference between an angry black woman and an angry white man.

Watching golf and the last two majors shows just how mentally strong you have to be to compete at the games highest level. 

Kanye West made Taylor Swift more popular than she'll ever be, Patrick Swayze in Roadhouse is what movies are all about, The Big ten football conference are pretenders, Charlie Weis gets fired after this year and I still don't have health insurance. Can I drop any more knowledge? Not today!