Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 17 vegas picks baby!!!

Week 17 is here, the final week of the football season. The NFL dominates too much of my Sept.-Dec. to address anything else but the upcoming games today. So lets get down to it:

Bengals -2.5 over Ravens
Yeah the Ravens kicked the shit out of the Giants last week, so I'm suppose to buy that they are in championship form, now. I don't buy it, the Ravens will be lucky to win a game in the playoffs. Ed Reed has lost about a $1,000,000 this year due to illegal hits, that's gotta take a toll on your psyche. I mean Adam PAC-MAN Jones couldn't blow that much money at a strip club. The Bengals on the other hand is quietly playing like one of the 5 best teams in the NFL and that spells trouble for the Crows
Bengals 20-Ravens 10

Patriots-10 over Dolphins
Every time I take the Pats they don't cover. It's the last week of the season so they need some mojo. The 'Fins played them tough last outing and no one makes better adjustments to an opponent better than Belichek, with a return to action by Gronkowski, (who by the way fucked my fantasy football team) I expect nothing less than a 2 touchdown performance from him just to spite me.
Patriots 31-Dolphins 17

Houston/Colts over 46
Who knows who is gonna win this game, I certainly don't. I never bet against a guy who beats cancer. Head coach Chuch Pagano has done so, and for that reason I root for him. I gotta think though that the Texans hasn't played well all season long just to lose a bye week. I do know this. Andrew Luck can lead his team into some points and Arian Foster is gonna run over the Colts.
Winning Team 27 - losing team 24

Bears-3 over Detroit
Okay I'm pretty sure I know how this plays out, the Bears beat the crappy teams and lose to the good teams. The 6 losses the Bears have incurred this year has been to the Packers (2), 49ers, Seattle, Houston and Minnesota all play off teams if the season ended now. The lions are not a good team. They have an exceptional wide receiver in Calvin Johnson and still has managed only 4 wins. No way the Bears lose, no way...
Bears 44- Lions 0 Calvin Johnson 122 receiving yards

Bears/Lions under 45
I don't care how you slice it:
Bears 44- Lions 0 Bears has 3 defensive/special teams touchdowns 
Bears 34-Lions 10 Bears has 2 defensive/special teams touch downs + an offense
Bears 28 -Lions 16 Bears has 2 defensive/ special teams touch downs
Bears 24-Lions 20 Cutler plays like a franchise QB and out duels a Lions team with nothing to lose
All plausible 

Packers -3.5 over Minnesota
This is as healthy the Packers has been all season long and I can't see how Aaron Rodgers loses with his full complement of receivers, even if it is against a robot who goes by the name of Adrian Peterson. The Vikings has been incredibly resilient. That's mostly due to Adrian Peterson. He is my MVP to to date. I have never actually seen a runaway slave run, but I imagine that slave would run like Peterson. That being said. I close my eyes and let logic kick in; Rodgers or Ponder, Rodgers or Ponder... Rodgers!!! Don't let that hook deter you either, the Packers have no faith in their kicker so they'll be going for TD's 
Packers 24-Lions 17

Cowboys +3 over the Redskins
By the time this game gets underway, the fate of my Bears will have been decided. So even though I can give a rats ass about who wins, I think Romo finds a way to squeak out a victory only to blow it the following week in the playoffs.
Cowboy 23-Skins 22
Next week Seattle 23- Cowboys 22

See you next year!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

ALL DAY ADRIAN PETERSON (Now that's a shout out) and Vegas Picks

Last week I said that Adrian Peterson was not my choice for MVP and then he rumbled for 200+ yards to lead his team to another victory. If the season ended today the Vikings would be in the playoffs. That is due to Adrian Peterson. If you think that Adrian Peterson is not the NFL MVP to date, then you either live in New England, Green Bay or Denver and are to emotionally attached to give a rational opinion or you need to re-evaluate your life. You probably think Lebron is better than Jordan was, New York Pizza is better than Chicago Pizza and French Kissing is better than oral sex. Adrian Peterson to date is the best player in football, he is my choice for MVP, he is the most influential player in regards to his teams success.

Notice how I used the words to date. Too many times sport writers and personalities commit to a guy as their MVP choice and because they picked them initially, they feel compelled to stick with them even though they are no longer the MVP. The Vikings are 8-6 right now but they are at Houston next week and then at home against the Green Bay Packers. In my book those are 2 losses and that puts the Vikes at 8-8 and out of the playoffs, which would essentially put Peterson out of the running.

The season has 2 weeks left and its time to get busy. It's christmas time and I'm sure many of you have overspent your budget as you try to win your kids affections by buying a shit load of gifts to compensate for your lack of good parenting. That's cool I'm not judging. Here are 5 locks to help ease the mistake of buying your kids a drum set, your girlfriend cubic zirconia, or your boyfriend a mini fridge stocked with beer.

New England -14.5 over Jacksonville
Bill Belichek and Tom Brady does not like to get embarrassed and even though they made a remarkable comeback, only to fall short against the Niners last week. They were embarrassed and they're pissed. I bet you Tom Brady only had sex with Giselle 12 times this week. Plus they are still playing for a top 2 seed. The Jags on the other hand will be considering whether or not to trade for Tim Tebow. You see the how far apart these 2 teams are?
Patriots 51- Jags 6

Cincinnati +4 over Pittsburgh
I picked the Steelers to go to the Super Bowl, so it's a must win game for them. They have owned the Bengals of late, however this isn't the same Bengals and this isn't the same Steelers for that matter. I want the Steelers to win so I can cash in on my Super Bowl pick, but I need a nasty, I'm gonna semi-rape you in a bathroom Big Ben, not the I'm married, I'm gonna have a baby, praise jesus Gentle Ben. What's it gonna be Rothlisberger...
Steelers 21- Bengals 20

Giants -2.5 over Baltimore
The Giants are in must win mode. Whenever the Giants are in must win mode, they seem to win. The Ravens have made the playoffs. They are just as shocked as I am.
Giants 21 Ravens 14

Bears (Beloved) -5.5 over Arizona
Speaking of must wins, holy shit!!!! This is the 1st time I have ever warmed up to the fact of replacing Lovie Smith as head coach. The offense is just to anemic. I treat my loved ones way too shitty on Sundays after a Bear loss to continue to support Lovie. "No I'm not cooking dinner, eat cereal' "I dont care about your home work... stop talking to me". See what I'm saying. At least the Cardinals will provide temporary relief
Bears 31- Cards 17

Saints +3.5 over the Cowboys
Yeah the 'Boys are ballin' and now they're at home, where they will surely decimate the head coach-less Saints. WRONG!!! This is exactly the kinda game the Cowboys don't come thru on. They may win but it won't be pretty and it definitely won't be easy. So prepare yourself Cowboy fans, to call Romo an abundant amount of obscenities
Cowboys 31 Saints 30

Take these winners and pay them credit cards off
Happy Holidays

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Blog of Logic: NFL MVP, Baseball hall of fame, Vegas picks

You ever realize how proficient you would be as an analytical thinker, if you took your emotion out of the thought process? If you're in a heated argument with your loved one and instead of yelling and screaming cause you become so emotionally vested in your belief and just said what the other person said out loud and judge it strictly on the merits of the words and nothing else. I'm saying that's the difference between sleeping on the couch instead of laying in bed getting a blow job. Emotion is a vessel for pride and pride is the devil child of ego and ego has a personal vendetta against logic.

Of course I speak with emotion, emotion is a good thing, and often times it's a great thing, but i also think controlled emotions lead to a better balanced life, and this blog is dedicated strictly toward logic. I will logically argue each and every point without any emotion involved, now take a deep breath and let it go, just let it go boo....wooo saaaa. Now without further ado, let me show you why I'm so great at Sudoku!!!

The reality of it is, is that the NFL MVP requires that you put up monster numbers, while your team has success. Which is why QB's mostly win the award and even though Adrian Peterson is having a monster season, as long as his team is not in the playoffs he will be considered an underdog to win. Now with all that being said, last year the Colts were the worse team in football and this year they are 9-4 and in the playoffs, they are 7-1 in their last 8 games. The only significant difference on their team from last year to this year, is their QB Andrew Luck. Take the names away and say it out loud, ' 2-14 last year, 9-4 this year' that's real valuable if you ask me, but I'm only speaking with logic.

Speaking of Adrian Peterson he may very well break the NFL rushing record less than a year from having his torn ACL repaired (take heed Derrick Rose fans), he may not win the NFL MVP, but he's gotta be an easy choice for Comeback Player of the Year, right? Here's how I would vote for this award. I would take the player he was, before being injured, retired, or on some sabbatical, then I would factor in what he was at his lowest point during his off time, and finally I would factor the player he was, before he was out, versus the player he is now. Last year Peterson had just under a 1,000 yards in just under 12 games before he got hurt, he came back and has put up monster numbers, the thing of it is, is that he has done it faster than what anyone else has done it before, clearly remarkable!!! Now let's factor in his closes competitor, Peyton Manning. His stats from last year were 0's in 0 games played, why cause he had a disassembled neck. No one was even sure if he would ever play again and now he's an MVP front runner. You could argue that Peterson is having the better year but you cant argue that he had to come back from more than Peyton did. Say it out loud, 'torn ACL versus a broken neck'... Wooooo saaaa 

The baseball hall of fame announcements are coming soon, Bonds, Sosa, Clemons, McGwire are all up. If I had a vote it would be Bonds and Clemons in, Sosa and McGwire out. If they never used steroids Bonds and Clemons were hall of famers, the same cannot be said for Sosa and McGwire. Look I get that using steroids is cheating, but if baseball allowed and make no mistake they did, I cannot punish those that did it. On the other hand if it gave them an unfair advantage, I can't reward them for it either, if you look at Sosa's and Mac's numbers, you can clearly see the spike in their stats. Basically I'm omitting the steroid years. Now I definitely would make Clemons and Bonds wait 5 years before voting for them, cause they knew that what they were doing were no-no's. the bigger question is what to do with Manny and A-rod when they become hall eligible, harder to determine when they started.

Kobe Bryant keeps shooting and shooting and the Lakers keep losing and losing, and I love it. Last night they gave up 41 points in the 1st quarter, say it out loud 'the Lakers will be better defensively once our 39 year old point guard who never played good defense returns' I said say it out loud mutha fucka!!! Now Laker fans I will allow emotion, go cry in your pillow.

Vegas Picks
Giants +1.5 over Atlanta
Remember a few weeks ago when the Giants went into San Francisco, and the Niners were talking about how this was a revenge game and then the Giants proceeded to kick the shit out of them, I remember too. The Falcons also lost to the Giants in the playoffs last year and now they're saying the same shit the Niners were saying. Look until Atlanta stops calling their QB Matty Ice, I will not take them seriously, it's something about white guys having Ice in their names that sounds inherently fraudulent. I would take Eli's 'cheese cake' Manning over Matty Ice anytime, because Cheese cake is awesome and Matty Ice is not
Giants 27-Atlanta 13

Denver-3 Over Baltimore
No one is talking about it, but Baltimore is slowly turning into a shitty team right before our very eyes. The Bengals will catch them for the division and the Steelers will overtake them for the wildcard spot. Their defense is mediocre these days which means they have to win with Flacco. Remember last year, when Eli said that he felt like he was an elite QB and everyone laughed and all he did was promptly lead his team to another Super Bowl victory. Well this year Flacco said the same thing and now we're laughing even harder.
Denver 24 -  Ravens 16

San Francisco + 6 over New England
San Fran is the antithesis of the Patriots, now I'm not sure what antithesis means, but I am sure it fits the description of comparing these 2 teams. In my keen eye of watching sports, I know that killer, physical defenses travels well, which is why I picked Notre Dame to beat Oklahoma and USC on the road and give them a very good chance of beating 'Bama. The 49ers are a team that New England has yet to face except for maybe the Seahawks and they loss that one. Plus the Kapernick media train needs a good little kick, what better way to jump start it, than against pretty boy Brady and the Patriots. Here's a misleading stat the Patriots are like 20-0 at home in December, it's misleading because a lot of those games are played against their shitty division opponents, right Dolphins, Bills and Jets. Awww fuck it, my emotion has gotten the best of me 
Niners 23- Pats 20  
Logic 9 paragraphs - Emotions 1

Jets +1.5 over Tennessee 
The Jets are not very good, but they are very good at beating bad teams. The Titans are not a good team. The Jets will not actually win the game, what they will do is allow the Titans to out bad them. Now I would once again, as I am known to do, highly suggest you don't watch this game. It'll make you hate football, at around 10 pm central time, check the score and hear Jon Gruden yell, "somebody please make a frickin' play" (he may actually yell fuck instead of frickin). Anyways...
Jets 20 Titans 16 turnovers and stupid plays 17


Friday, December 7, 2012

My Heisman pick, Kobe top 5? and Vegas Picks

The way I see it, if you're undefeated and playing for the National Championship and you've been the best player on the field for every game, it shouldn't matter whether or not you play offense or defense, for that reason I feel Notre Dame's Manti Te'o should be this year's Heisman  winner, even though I'm generally not a fan of people with apostrophes in their name (ahem, Mike D'Antoni). I wouldn't at all be surprised if freshman Johnny Manziel wins the award, cause the media is hung up on the Alabama upset, even though I would personally have him 3rd on my ballot behind Kansas State's Collin Klein, who was equally as important to his teams success as Johnny Football was, and led his team to within a game of playing for the National Championship. When voting for these awards, emotion should be removed and only rationale of the highest order should be used!!! God, why don't I have a vote?!!!

Kobe Bryant just hit 30k points and could easily become the all-time points leader if he plays another 3+ years. The topic of course is brought up, if Kobe is one of the top 5 players to ever play. I had Kobe ranked #10 when i dropped my all-time top 25, this summer and here is what I wrote:
10. Kobe Bryant is the second best 2 guard to ever play the game. He has been too date, the closest thing we have ever seen to 'You Know Who'. In the last 10 years he has been the 1 guy who you definitively felt if it's the end of the game and the ball is in his hand, it's a bucket. I know stats show that hero ball doesn't work but when the last olympic team needed buckets they didn't go to lebron or D-Wade, they called on the Black Mamba. He had arguably the best mid-range game ever, at times he played like the best perimeter defender in the league, he was the most competitive person in his era, he won 5 championships, 2 finals MVP, 1 regular season MVP, 10x's All 1st team NBA, 9x's defensive 1st team, dropped 81 points in a game and beat a rape charge (I kinda wish every statistical run could end in a overturned criminal charge, for example "...And that Mofo beat a murder rap")

Why he's not higher: Kobe Bryant got kinda lucky when he went to the Lakers. I mean playing with Shaq put him on an instant title contender and no doubt Kobe's play was a big part of them winning 3 straight 'chips but that was Shaq's team. I hated the Lakers and I always yelled, "why is Rick Fox, Derek Fisher and Robert Horry so wide open all the time" because Shaq was the most dominant force on the team and everyone was collapsing on him leaving those role players wide open. One of the measuring sticks to find the greatness in a superstar is how good he makes role players and Shaq was the one that did that for them.  Kobe was the closer for sure, but he never made anyone better, which is why when Shaq left they were 1 and done in the playoffs for 2 years and missed the playoffs in the other year. I always think that Magic kind of had the same situation. Magic could have ran Kareem off the team if he wanted, but Magic was all about winning, Kobe was all about winning too, as long as he was the man, which ultimately led to the Lakers getting rid of Shaq. They could have won 6 titles if they had stayed together but it wasn't to be and that's why Kobe's top 5 talent couldn't overcome his lack of overall leadership which keeps him behind this far better teammate... (The rest of my top 25 can be found on

I have been uneven with my Vegas picks these last 2 weeks going 1-3 last week, and 2-2 the week before, but with the air of unemployment surrounding me in my swanky, Detroit, Red Roof Inn hotel room, I can only get better...

Jets -2.5 over Jacksonville
last week the Jets struggled and struggled to score points, so they benched Mark Sanchez and naturally it should have been Tebow time, but no Tebow is out with fractured ribs, so now they go back to Sanchez. We as football fans were saved from non-stop Tebow coverage, that's gotta mean something.  BTW I strongly suggest you don't watch this game, it will hurt your eyes...
Jets  19- Jags 13

Bears-2.5 over Minnesota
To my recollection last weeks loss to the Seahawks, was only the 2nd time the Bears loss when Cutler played at the very least a decent game. Some of that blame goes to Lovie who should know, that if you're up by 7 points and have a chance to go up by 10, take the points, to me that swung the game, even though it didn't play out until the very end. Now the Bears face the " I'm not sure if Adrian Peterson's surgery didn't cost $6 million dollars" man, he's a beast, but Cutler will out duel Steve Austin, for this I'm sure of 
Bears 24 - Vikings 17

Tampa -7 over Philadelphia
Ummmm... Have you not read my last 5 blogs
Tampa 38-27

Tampa over 47.5
Uhhhh, what?!!!

Cowboys + 3 over the Bengals
The Cowboys as an underdog is almost a must play. As soon as you write them off, is generally when they are at their best. The Bengals have been playing awesome these last few weeks. It's a perfect storm, the Cowboys will win this week and get you back on the bandwagon and then unscrew the wheels the following week. They live their entire football season for you to put your eggs in the Cowboy basket and then they stomp on them, it's as if they are the shittiest Easter Bunny that ever lived. You're no Guardian Cowboys, you're no frickin Guardian
Cowboys 24-Bengals 21
Next week Cowboys lays an egg against Pittsburgh


Friday, November 30, 2012

Cheer for old Notre Dame, the laughable Lakers and Vegas picks

Let me explain football to some of the novices out there, who just watches for an excuse to eat wings, Cheetos, drink beer and/or get away from their wives for a few hours so they can feel like a man again. "Honey, it's Saturday, you promised to go to Bed, Bath and Beyond with me today" "We are going to the Johnson's and you WILL wear that shirt I ironed for you" "Don't forget our daughters recital is at 6 pm and you WILL wear that shirt I ironed for you". Shhh, don't cry, I'm not trying to rub this in your face. I get it, you don't have time for trivial things like statistics, and the history of the game, or 5 fantasy football teams, I know boo, shhh, I know. You only get highlights and updates form your smart phone.  I on the other hand, work an hour a day, so I do have time and when I'm not working, I'm traveling; reading, absorbing, building philosophies, turning strong opinions into borderline facts. That's why I stand by my blog. Cause I drop knowledge cause I know my shit....

Wanna know what else I know, that the age old mantra, 'Defense wins championships' has never been a truer phrase ever spoken in sports. It's so easy to dismiss Notre Dame cause they win without style points, they don't have to have a dynamic offense, cause their defense is championship legit son. It's no coincidence that Notre Dame is undefeated and teams like, Oregon and Kansas State loss to inferior opponents. They loss cause they were built on offense and offenses chokes, not defense. Imagine what Alabama would have done to a team like Oregon when they would have had a month to prepare for them. Ditto for Kansas State. Notre Dame defense will keep them in every game, and if there offense doesn't make mistakes they will be in great shape, if they make plays they probably won't lose. Whoever comes out of the SEC (I call Georgia in an upset special) will have their hands full against the Fighting Irish and that's on da Fo real boo!!!

For those that keep saying that the SEC is overrated consider this; this past weekend, Florida and South Carolina, arguably the 3rd and 4th best teams in the conference, went on the road as underdogs and kicked the shit out of 2 one loss teams, in Florida State and Clemson. The SEC is far and away the best conference in football and when they do move to a 4 team playoff I have no problem with 2 of those teams being from the SEC and that's all I'm a say about it (Joe Clark)

I can't help but giggle a little bit, like a school girl discovering the joys of touching her self for the 1st time every time I see the Lakers play, they are so tragically mediocre right now. That they may actually fire 2 coaches in one season, don't be surprised, once Steve Nash comes back they will be out of excuses and no one's gonna take the blame for putting together such a flawed collection of players, an under utilized post player with great passing skills, a big man who can't hit half his free throws, a player who shoots like he's still the best player in the game, a 38 year old point guard who can't guard any guards, a bench that would have trouble making the roster of any championship quality team, all led by a coach who has an apostrophe in his name. Yep the Lakers are still fucked and I love it.

Did you know that the Denver Broncos are the odds on favorite to win the SB this year? Yep 4-1, that's better than the Patriots, Texans, Niners and Giants. I don't buy it, only because it's to good of a story. 'One of the great QB's to ever play, has his neck infused, when told to retire, he insteads leads another team all the way to the promised land'. I'm guessing if this is a dream scenario, he would kick the shit out of his old team in the Colts, beat his hated rival Tom Brady to get to the Super Bowl and then out duel his younger brother Eli to bring home the trophy... Plausible, but life doesn't work like that. On the other hand the Steelers are getting 20-1 odds, Now that's some shit I do like!!! Speaking of Vegas....

Patriots -9 over Miami
Look, let's just be honest, the Patriots are dicks, they run up the score, they try to score from the minute they take the field to the final minute of the game, 44-17?!!! ... Fuck it we're here may as well try to make it 51-17. That's just how they play. Except it, Belichek and Brady are the kind of guys that goes to the club, hits on every girl, because they believe that they should fuck them all, they are not looking for one conquest, they want them all, all the bitches and that's something we as a football society will have to deal with 
Patriots 44-Dolphins 17

Baltimore-3 over the Steelers
I mean c'mon man. I love the Steelers but without Rothlisberger and a mediocre ground attack you can't pencil them to score more than 13 points against the Ravens. Yes, I get that the Ravens themselves are offensively challenged, but they are good for at least 16 points, which means at worse case scenario it's a push. On a side note, hey Ray Rice, I drafted you with the 2nd overall pick, anytime you want to start playing like it, is A-OK with me.
Ravens 16-Steelers 10

Tampa+ 8 over the Dolphins
Look I'm tired of justifying Tampa, look at their record against the spread and leave me the fuck alone, 8 points seriously, 8 fucking points.... Nope, I'm done, nope, nope
Denver 31-Tampa 27

Tampa/Denver over 50.5
Ok maybe I have to justify this a little cause the Tampa game last week didn't go over, but that was mostly cause of missed field goals, but still I'm only softly justifying it. 31+27 =58, 58 > 50.5

Carolina -3 over Kansas City
No one is talking about Cam Newton anymore and now Cam Newton is playing reasonably well. He's the guy that plays best when he's ignored, kinda like that bad ass kid you have, you know the one that snaps at a Chuckie Cheese in the middle of the arcade, cause they think that those god damn coins grow on fucking trees, so you just leave the kid and smoke a blunt in the parking lot until they come outside with their shit together
Panthers 27-Chiefs 14

I normally keep my college games to myself but...
Nebraska-3 over Wisconsin
Has anyone see the Badgers this year, this is not the Badgers that we're used to. The QB blows, the offensive line is mediocre and they're playing in a dome which will make them seem even slower. I get that it's Nebraska and Nebraska hasn't won a meaningful game since Tom Osbourne, but still, they gotta win this, I'll even call worse case scenario, the Huskers lose the turnover battle 3-1, there you happy... Good!!!
Nebraska 24-Badgers20


Friday, November 23, 2012

Vegas picks and you read how I really feel about the Chiefs

I feel bad, to some small degree, it's like I cheated people a little bit out of life, if I DIDN'T overindulge myself on life these last 2 days, with eating and drinking myself into several comas, Wednesday and Thursday, I could have told you that the Dallas Cowboys are not more than 3 points better than anyone and don't be surprised if they lose outright because they already won 2 games in a row and they are very unlikely to win 3 in a row, because they are the model of inconsistency. I also should have shared that nothing makes New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichek, who is by most accounts a dictator, and nothing makes his dick harder than whooping the Jets in New York. 6.5 point favorite was nothing to the 'we drop 40 points on all inferior points, cause our head coach is a dick and nothing makes his dictator dick harder than rubbing his dick in his opponents dickless faces'. Whoa somebody call Dr. Suess, cause that was some Cat in the Hat shit right der' boo!!!

So in a nutshell, even though last week I was a meaningless TD throw away by Philip 'Cry me a Rivers' from a perfect 5-0. I feel like I let you down. Now for the good news, the fact that I was able to point these games out, means that I'm still in a zone and it's a Lot of football left to be played son, so lets get it on...

Bears-.5 over Minnesota
Lock this one in the books, ladies and gents. Quiet as it's kept, almost no one rallies the troops after getting there asses handed to them, quite like Lovie Smith, my gut tells me Jay Cutler will play and he has a pretty good record with the Bears. The Bears are at home and all they have to do is win. Granted Adrian Peterson is a guy who can single handedly beat you by himself, but no way the Bears let that happen, they are gonna make Christian Ponder beat them and that ain't happening in Soldier Field, it just ain't
Bears 27- Vikings 13

Tampa +1 over Atlanta
You know this routine, take Tampa Bay until further notice, they have a sick cover rate, Vegas has just noticed this, but it's too late. They are that good and the Falcons cannot be trusted in a close game with head coach Mike Smith, his play calling is as plain as his name. Tampa in some ways are a lot like Atlanta, both have a solid defense and both can score a lot of different ways, but you wanna know what they both can't do... Consistently cover the spread, Tampa sure can, that's why I take Tampa every week, cause they never let me down, I love you Tampa, I love you all season long, I promise boo
Tampa Bay 33 Falcons 30

Tampa/Falcons over 50.5
You wanna know what else Tampa does? They go over, sometimes barely and sometimes by a lot. This Sunday it will be by a lot. 33 + 30 is 63, 63 > 50.5, so 63 = Dollar, dollar, bills y'all!!!

Denver -10.5 over the Chiefs
Did you know that there is a QB controversy in Kansas City? There is, don't laugh, it's Brady Quinn... Stop laughing, versus ... Shut up, Matt Cassell... I know laugh, laugh your ass off.  This is like deciding between Pong and the Atari 2600, succotash and okra, listening to you girlfriend tell you about her day at work or listening to your girlfriend tell you why you're a fuck up, attending a work seminar or going to a klan rally, attending a kids music concert and your kid is NOT even playing or going to a Super Bowl party where no one is actually interested in watching the game, Army versus Navy, The 1st round of a tennis tournament or the 1st round of a golf tournament that doesn't have Tiger Woods. Nope, I will not stop... Having the Birds and the Bees talk with your daughter or listening to your parents bone,  going to your husbands, ex-wife's parents house for thanksgiving or getting tested for HIV. By the way the Denver Broncos have Peyton Manning, that's like having chocolate and oral sex without having to return the favor, he's awesome
Denver 34 Chiefs 10

Friday, November 16, 2012

Hooray the Lakers are gonna suck and Vegas winners make this week oh so sweet!!!

After 5 games,  Mike Brown was fired from the Lakers, your top 2 replacements were Phil Jackson who would have had to implement his triangle offense, without the benefit of a training camp and with him supposedly, requesting certain road games off. The guy you hired Mike D'Antoni is a run and shoot kinda guy, with a team that doesn't have a bunch of shooters. In other words the Lakers panicked and instead of looking in the mirror and saying we need more pieces to this puzzle. Our starting backcourt is roughly 75 years old and our bench is subpar, simply put the Lakers are fucked!!!!

Hey Lakers?!!! Why not keep Bernie Bickerstaff, an accomplished coach, who by all accounts players like playing for, and he's been there since day one, so the transition period is easy breezy. If you were going to hire outside the organization, why not Jerry Sloan?!!! Tough, defensive minded coach, who excels at coaching the pick and roll offense, which plays to the Lakers strengths and keep miles off of Kobe's and Nash legs, look how many miles he got out of Stockton and Malone. Arrrggghh, why won't anyone listen to me?!!! Anyone got 500 million dollars I can borrow, so I can buy myself into a sport franchise cause I'm a saviour son!!! (That's a lot of exclamation points)

The Clippers is the best team in the West but I still remember John Paxson almost beating the shit out of their head coach, Vinny Del Negro, when he coached the Chicago Bulls and for that reason I'm not hopping on that Clipper train. The New York Knicks are the best team in the East, but at some point highly paid Amare Stoudamire is coming back and he will best serve the team as their 6th man, I don't think that will happen, and for that reason I'm not hopping on that Knick bandwagon

Miguel Cabrera won the MVP, with the 1st triple crown won in almost 40 years, how could he not? However Mike Trout, who played in a way tougher division, was a much better defender and his offense across the board matched up very well with Cabrera, was my choice, yes Cabrera's team made the playoffs and Trout's didn't, but the Angels had a better record. I'm just saying boo, congrats on a monster year Cabrera but Trout is the better player. (22 1st place votes to 6 is a minor travesty)

The Florida Marlins made some deft deals to get some quality young talent while shaving their payroll down by more than half. They may very well turnout to be the Tampa Bay Rays of the National League.  That being said, they are the Amway of baseball, a scam, lure the city into paying for a new stadium and then trade off half their assets during the 1st half of the season and get rid of the other half at the end of the season. I said years ago that the Marlins should be retracted. They are all about dollars not winning. I hope no one goes to another Florida Marlin game again, there I said it and I feel good

Vegas Picks
I went 1-2 last week, but that Bears game should be incomplete, cause Jay Cutler got hurt and didn't play in the 2nd half , where he plays his best. Speaking of Cutler, when players intentionally lay somebody out like they did with Cutler, they should be automatically kicked out of that game and suspended for the following week. (Scott Fossum) Missing 1/17th of your paychecks will put a stop to headhunting and protect the league's greatest asset, the QB!!!

Packers-3 over Detroit
Ok the Packers are really good, it pains me to say it, but they are. So whenever they get a 3 point spread, I take them either way, Aaron Rodgers alone, is a TD better than any QB in the league except Manning(s), Brady, Brees.  Last I looked Stafford is the QB of the Lions, I can't get on board with a sub-500 team against the Pack who is still in must win mode.
Packers 30 Lions 24

Jets + 3.5 over Rams
Hey, Tim Tebow is terrible, kudos to that anonymous Jet player for stating that in such a cowardice manner. It appears that Tebow is such an awful practice player that they can justify, not only starting Tebow, but changing there whole offensive game plan around someone who can't throw?!!! Starting Tebow is like handing a steering wheel to a blind person and believing you're gonna get home safely ... blind faith. I think this is gonna rally the Jets and make them lose by just a fg instead of 7 points
Rams 20 Jets 17

Tampa -1.5 over Carolina
Look take Tampa Bay until further notice, they are one of the 10 best teams in the NFL right now, trust me boo
Tampa 34 Panthers 24

Tampa/Carolina over 48
34 + 24 is 58! 58 is > than 48. > this means greater than!!!

Denver - 7.5 over San Diego
Ummm, the Chargers were at home and were spotted a 24-0 lead against the Broncos, they lost by more than 7. The Broncos are on full throttle as Peyton has something to prove. A Peyton Manning with something to prove should always be factored in when picking spreads. BTW the Norv Turner/ Philip Rivers combo is the worse team-up since Kim Kardashian/Kris humphries, does that drive home my point Denver 37 San Diego 14 Denver's Defense turning Rivers miscues into points 17. Yep Philip Rivers loses to himself by 3 points!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Why I cared about this election

Well the election has been over for a week now and I have had time to reflect. Reflect mostly on the fact of why I cared so much about this election, even more so than 2008. It is really simple for me, it's cause Barack Obama is black, very little to do with his policies or Romney policies. That maybe hard for people to hear but it's true. If Hillary Clinton was president it wouldn't mean much to me. I'm not a political guy, I believe both parties are flawed, as I listened to the second debate and each candidate gave their logic on balancing the budget. I knew that each of those strategies would not work as they were related to the American people. Romney's math didn't add up and Obama can't use BORROWED money from the wars to pay off our debt. Blah, blah I kid that I am a libertarian trapped in a democrats body. But still...

For A LOT of black people, the only black president we thought we would ever have, is the one from the movie Deep Impact and the brother from the TV show 24, but then Barack Obama came along. Now this may not has been as prideful as the birth of our children or even as prideful as my favorite team (Da Bears) winning the super bowl, but it's up there, waaayyyy up there. There in lies the problem, we as a black community had. Not enough and definitely not enough of people with influence from the right side said the right things.

If more of the right people would have said (this is a generalization speech) ' Look we think it's great that we finally got an African American as president, it shows the diversity and the changing times of America and we disagree and nor will we seek out the vote that has any racial undertones toward him, President Obama has worked hard to get this country right, we are just strongly against his view on how this country should be recovered, [case in point, case in point, etc...]' Instead the 1st 2 years were spent with asking for his birth certificate and this was followed up with racially insensitive slogans of "take back our country".  When you have the nations 1st black president and a overwhelming white majority of a group of people say we need to take back our country, it can't nor it SHOULDN'T be viewed as anything but racially insensitive. If you want to lead this country you need to be respectful to all including the other 47%

I never cared about Romney's 47% comment, I thought it would hurt him but I wasn't offended. However, Donald Trump has led the charge with the birth certificate movement, he also was a supporter of the Take Back our Country motto. Mitt Romney flew in personally to receive Donald Trump's endorsement. I have a problem with that!!! A lot of republicans who are not racist at all, hate Barack and I don't have a problem with it, but if you are also going to ignore clear racially insensitive things being said and done just to secure right wing support, then you may not be part of the problem, but you are definitely not the solution. A lot of people that has never been judged by the color of their skin, nor has judged people by the color of their skin can relate to this blog. I don't get upset when people don't support our President, I get bothered when they don't understand why I support him

Even if I believed that Barack had the worse policies ever, but then I saw a picture of him being hung in effigy, or people calling him ignorant or dumb or unqualified. That will take precedent over any of his politics. If you have a kid and he/she played sports and someone came up to you and said that your kid is a piece of shit, even if you thought your kid was bad at sports, you would be pissed to hear something like that said, and naturally you would defend them. That's how a lot of the black community sees it, all we're doing is protecting our own. By protecting, I mean we are demanding that he gets shown the same respect you showed for George Bush Jr., who left this country in a bad way.

People will say whatever it is they want to say, especially on sites like FaceBook, when my college buddies post how dumb people are for supporting Barack, or others post like "Time to take out the trash"on election day, it resonates with people who have much more at stake in this than just politics.
When Barack won this last tuesday, I was excited but I never thought to post anything on FB or any other social media about it. It's not sports, I'm not trying to rub this in anyone's face. The course our country is taking is very serious business to a lot of people, so I'm not gonna be insensitive to how other people feel. I have a lot of republican friends and a ton more democratic friends on fb because comics are GENERALLY more liberal and minorities are as well. That being said there was venom being spewed on FB ON BOTHSIDES. It's so easy for people to say what ever it is they want to say and not be held accountable for it. Such is life I guess

Not once in this blog have I openly endorsed any of our president's policies. It's not about that, this was written for the general lack of respect we have shown each other over these last 4 years. Points don't have to be driven home with such derogatory language, take the high road, it's not sports. And speaking of sports, the packers can go fuck themselves... Go Bears!!! :)

Heat -5
Denver o 201.5
Portland -2.5

Now I feel better!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bullet point blog and riding my Vegas momentum

With an ailing over the hill Steve Nash, a very mediocre bench and an overall poorly constructed Los Angeles Laker team, yes Mike Brown you are the fall guy

Crash landing, James Harden is coming back down to earth... Hard!!! Look Harden is tough and he can score points, lots of 'em, but I don't get that feeling he's a number 1 guy and with Jeremy Lin as the point guard, the Houston Rockets have the most overrated backcourt in basketball.

The baseball season has been over for nearly 2 weeks and they are just starting to hand out the post season awards, look boo, we're in mid football season, the NBA is crackalackin and the college football season is getting really good...I'm not saying that I don't care, just not as much. Announce them awards as soon as the World Series is over boo

Move over RGIII and Andrew Luck, Doug Martin is trying to steamroll his way to the rookie of the year and yes, Tampa Bay is the better of the three respective teams and that should help

Yeah, yeah Peyton Manning looks great, but no way is he the mid season MVP over Matt Ryan and the 8-0 Falcons, and yes the Falcons beat the Broncos, mostly due to Peyton's 4 1st half interceptions

Alabama reminds me an awful lot of that 2002 Miami Hurricane team, that tried to repeat as National Champions, but came up short against the Ohio State Buckeyes. I think someone will beat them in the title game, it's just too easy for it to play out with them winning it all. That's a double dog dare Vegas, make them a double digit favorite over Oregon, Kansas State or Notre Dame and see what I do, what, what!!!

Vegas Picks
So I bounced back in a nice way last week going a perfect 3-O with my Vegas picks. Sure I may have just went 7-6 overall, but if you bet on every game last week i'm also willing to wager that your life is falling apart (I'll take the under 120 days for a meltdown, or you stealing your mom's jewelry to pay your bookie) Anyway the key to staying hot is to go with teams that you have a good feel for so here we go:
Tampa Bay -3 over San Diego
Look people Tampa is a quality football team, they were 10-6 just 2seasons ago before injuries and a Radio Raheem, 'Fight the Power' coaching meltdown killed them last year, they since have drafted a stud running back (Doug Martin) got a number 1 receiver in Vincent Jackson and lost early games to quality football teams. If that's not a good enough reason then consider their opponent. There is not a worse historically Head football coach than Norv Turner, what I mean is. sure there were worse coaches, but they were generally removed within a year or 2, not fucking Norv, he just keeps hanging around, cranking out mediocre season after mediocre season. You also have to consider the regression of Philip Rivers, he was once considered a top 5 QB in this league, holy shit, right?!!! He and Norv Turner are probably on the sideline wagering, "I bet you can't make that throw" 'I bet I can' then after the play 'god dammit!!! Double or nothing'?!!!
Tampa 31 Chargers 20
Giants-3.5 over the Bengals
The Giants on the road is always a solid play. They play better on the road than when they're at home. I think it may have something to do with the fact their home games aren't actually in NY but New Jersey, when Eli wakes up in his nice plush ass pad in downtown Manhattan, and he's gotta drive to work too .... New Jersey, it just takes a little sumptin, sumptin away. That and the Bengals are spiraling downward or they are just being the Bengals, however you want to call it
Giants 24 Bengals 17
Bears-1.5 over Houston
When it comes to having a feel for a team, I know my Bears. They are poised to cover this game, consider this, last week I took the Bears at -3.5 against the Titans,as I pointed out the Bears had scored 41 points against the 2 previous AFC opponents and they will again score 41 against the week Titans, I was wrong, they dropped 51. Now I know that Houston is tough but they are still an AFC team and the Bears rules the AFC south this year, the game is at home and its nationally televised, which means you won't see the Bears Defense/special teams score a TD because the cameras will be too busy staring at Jay Cutler posture on the sideline
Bears 31 Texans 20 with a bad weather adjusted score of Bears 23 Titans 16

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I'm applying for a job with Vegas Bookers this week

The Big 3
Tampa Bay +1 over the Raiders
Listen to me folks the Raiders are not a good team, as a matter of fact they are so not good, that they are rumored to be interested in Tim Tebow. No one in the NFL who believes in there team is interested in Tim Tebow. You think the Pittsburgh Steelers are thinking "we're a Tebow away from being an elite team" When you think Tebow you're thinking miracle ... Tampa Bay 27 Raiders 23 

Bears-3.5 over Titans 
The Bears have dropped over 40 points against 2 teams this year and they both play in the AFC, now they got the Titans who lost to the Colts last week and the Colts are one of the 2 teams the Bears dropped 40 + on and the Titans aren't about to score 38 points Bears 41 Titans 10 

Seattle-4 over Minnesota 
If you haven't been able to pick up a chick in the bar for a while, you don't go to the hardest place in the city to pick up a chick, you go to a trashy bar, befriend a girl you would never bring home to your parents, fill her up with some well tequila, go back to her place and hump her til you get your confidence back. Guess what, the Vikings are reeling and Going to Seattle is not a slump buster Seahawks 27 Vikings 17 

Other Picks
Dolphins-2.5 over Indy Ok Miami I believe in you 19-16
Lions -5 over Jacksonville The Lions are good and desperate and Jacksonville blows Lions 27 Jags 20

Dallas + 4 over Atlanta Vegas is daring you to go against the Cowboys ...daring you... How dare you? Cowboys 31 Falcons 30

Pittsburgh +3.5 over N.Y. Giants Whenever Ben Rothlisberger get points I take Pittsburgh and so should you Steelers 27 Giants 24

Cleveland +4 over Baltimore The browns will run all over the Ravens you hear that Fantasy owners who has Trent Richardson, they'll still lose but it's gonna be close Ravens 20 Browns 17

Green Bay -9.5 over Arizona I don't like double digit spreads and this one dropped to 9.5 Packers 26.9 Arizona 17

Bengals +4 over the Broncos does anyone know how to spell Cincy if they never lived there? How many N's are there, where to I place the C's? Anyways the Broncos are coming off a monday night game the Bengals off a bye week it'll be close Denver 24 Cincy 23

Houston -10.5 over Buffalo I know, I know, I said I hate double digit spreads, but good lord the Bills defense is awful and J.J. Watts is gonna destroy Fitzpatrick, the only way the Bills cover this spread is if the Bills win the turnover battle 3-1 and score a special teams TD, thats a lot to ask for Houston 37 Bills 17
Skins -3 over Carolina I suspect that cam newton will be fired up for this game, so lots of points will be scored, but in the end Cam doesn't win the close ones and the rook aka RGIII does (and not once did I mention the color of their skin, you're welcome Warren Moon) Skins 31 Panthers 27

Eagles +3 over Saints Listen the Eagles are reeling, I was pro Andy Reid and now I'm no. When Vick turned the ball over they still won and now Vick doesn't turn it over and they lose, and that's on Reid. His team does not play hard for him and his once offensive brilliant mind is predictable but I'm gonna stay with them one more week because the saints are not the same team this year and Vick has a dog that's gotta mean something Eagles 28 Saints 24

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Some things you may want to know about the NBA this year

It's been almost 35 years (Seattle vs. Washington '78-'79) since the NBA finals didn't have 1 of the 3 best players in the NBA playing finals, that bodes well for LeBron James, Kevin Durant and a healthy Dwight Howard

Not including the 2004 Detroit Pistons who beat a dysfunctional Shaq/Kobe Lakers team, it's been almost 35 years since an NBA championship has NOT been won by one of the 25 best players to ever play and yes I have Dirk Nowitzki in my top 25

For those 2 reasons, I will not be mentioning teams like the Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers or the Denver Nuggets, cause it's really 'not there year'!

Ray Allen took half as less money to play with his former team's hated rival, if that ain't a 'hold Deez Nuts' moment then the term doesn't exist.

For proper perspective that's Brian Urlacher leaving the Bears to play for the Packers...for less money...
Hell yeah, Ray Allen felt disrespected

Speaking of the Mavs, is Eddy Curry really the starting center for them?!!! Oh how they will struggle to make the playoffs

Amare Stoudemire is out for the 1st 6 weeks of the NBA season and that's a good thing for the Knicks...

And upon his return he would best be served as the 6th man...

Which means the Knicks is all Melo's team and I pick Carmelo Anthony as my 1st half NBA MVP

Jeremy Lin will be one of the worse starting point guards in the league

Oklahoma City has a chance to be better than they were before they traded James Harden, yes I believe in Kevin Martin as a 3RD option that much

Consider this, I think that James Harden was the teams 3rd best scoring option but he was going to be  their 4th best player behind the defensive monster Serge Ibaka, so no I don't think that losing your 4th best player on the team and replacing him with someone almost as good, while still keeping 2 of the best 10 players in the league, effects them at all

The Boston Celtics and San Antonio Spurs are mirror images of themselves, past their prime veterans, mixed with nice young talent, 10 deep rotation and ultimately not enough firepower to dethrone the superstars in the league.

The Los Angeles Clippers have rebuilt themselves with a really deep team, much like the Celtics and Spurs and unlike those 2 they have a legitimate superstar in Chris Paul, but unlike those 2 they don't have a coach to manage that many egos, sorry Vinny Del Negro

The Los Angeles Lakers having Kobe Bryant averaging 20 points a game will be better than Kobe Bryant averaging 25 points a game

The Miami Heat are better than they were a year ago...yikes!!!

Damon Lillard the starting point guard for the Portland Trailblazers will give the New Orleans Hornets Anthony Davis a run for his money for NBA rookie of the year

The Charlotte Bobcats will again be the worse team in the NBA...Sorry MJ, but not next season...Yay MJ!!!

The NBA is as good a product as it's been since Michael Jordan and the Bulls heyday

Deron Williams will remind everyone that he is every bit as good as Chris Paul is

Kevin Durant will win his 4th scoring title in a row and win the MVP this year, if only because everyone is tired of giving it to Lebron James. Think Karl Malone and Charles Barkley winning it over MJ

Lebron James is not MJ, he's got a long way to go before he touches MJ, buuuttt.... he has a chance to be and who thought we would ever say that

And why wouldn't you want to watch that

Everyone compares Lebron James to Jordan and Magic, but in reality he's a better version of Scottie Pippen and you know how I feel about Pippen

Derrick Rose is gonna come back before he's scheduled too and ain't nobody gonna want to play them in the playoffs

The Miami Heat does not match up well with the Los Angeles Lakers but they match up well with the Oklahoma City Thunder who don't match up well with the Miami Heat but matches up well with the Los Angeles Lakers....

And that math ends up Heat over the Thunder in 6 games

Friday, October 26, 2012

I predict the NBA finals and Vegas picks this is very exciting for me

David Stern is about to retire and good for him. He's definitely has had his ups and downs during his tenure, the downs being most notably the 2 lockouts and the abysmal play of the NBA during the immediate post Jordan years. The NBA now though is rock solid, for the ones who bash the NBA for self play and low quality entertainment clearly you're clearly jaded. The NBA is as in a good of state it's been in since Jordan, and right or wrong stern had a lot to do with that and he's leaving on top which is when you should retire, that and the fact that every time i see him his face is getting more and more leathery.

We're fast approaching the midway point of the NFL season so you one trick fan sport ponies may not even realize that the NBA season starts next Tuesday. While others can't get over that there is more to life than just football, I of course have been anxiously awaiting this moment, for I have the ability to appreciate the greatness of the NBA. Barring a torn ACL (Damnit D Rose) from a star player this promises to be a very exciting year as Lebron tries to make a legitmate run at MJ, Kobe tries to stay relevant and others like Kevin Durant, Chris Paul hope that next year I only have to say their last name and everyone instantly knows who I'm talking about. No time like the present boys, here we go:

The Western Conference:
The San Antonio Spurs is very deep, but their best players are all past their prime, which means that in order for them to turn the corner, one of their young players has to turn the corner and become their best player, that's not gonna happen. The Spurs are built for the regular season and not championship runs. Kudos to Tim Duncan for still being effective at this stage in his career but this team as it's constituted today will not get him a 5th ring.

The Los Angeles Clippers has a legitimate superstar in Chris Paul and a potential one in the making with Blake Griffin, the team is deep, with a nice mixture of veterans and youth, but the West is rugged up top and unless Blake starts hitting free throws in the clutch or Chauncey Billups/Caron Butler/Grant Hill/Jamal Crawford been sipping on Gin and Fountain of youth, laid back I got my mind on my money and my money ain't on the Clippers!!!

The Los Angeles Lakers has Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Ron Artest and Pau Gasol, those names alone instantly put them as legit title contenders, some of my very best friends (I won't say who they are, because I'm not one for embarrassing them when they're wrong) believe they are the favorite to win the West as well as the NBA title. Consider this though, Nash and Kobe, the Lakers starting back court are a combined 75 years of age, that's a lot of mileage boo. especially when you consider that the NBA is a guard driven league and young guns are very explosive. Now consider that Dwight Howard who in my opinion is the 3rd best player in the NBA, has had his most success when he was surrounded by great 3 point shooting. The Lakers have Steve Nash that can shoot the 3 but everyone else is shaky at best and yes Kobe can shoot the 3, but you really think the Black Mamba is gonna be content with just hoisting up treys? The Lakers best offensive set may very well be the pick and roll with Nash and the highly skilled Gasol, that would be a very tough match up for anyone and throw in the superior athleticism of Dwight howard...whew, but you really think the Black mamba is gonna be phased out like that. What about the Lakers bench you say, what about that garbage, is what I say. This Laker team I tell you has a Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Kobe and Shaq kinda feel to it, the pieces just don't fit the puzzle.  (gee look Laker fans you get my biggest right up)

The Oklahoma Thunder got way better than people think over the summer. They got younger and more athletic. They have championship finals experience under their belt, but most importantly their best players got a year older. Yep Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, 2 of the 10 best players in the league haven't even hit their prime yet and already they are competing for championships. I think James Harden is a bit overrated but I still think he is very good, even though for my money with his defense and ever improving offensive skills, Serge Ibaka is the team's 3rd best player. That's a pretty potent starting line-up they have and because they are so young they don't have to be quite as deep as other teams have to be. Yep the Thunder are coming out of the finals unless this dark horse emerges...

The Denver Nuggets are indeed 10 players deep, they play in Mile High where opposing teams generally are gassed cause of the thin air, so they are gonna win a lot of games in the regular season, but when the playoffs start and teams slow them down, who will they go to, Ty Lawson? Andre Iguadola? Dan Gallinari? Yikes!!! I don't like those options at all. They are gonna have one of the best records in the West, with not one player sniffing an All-NBA team, and trust me no one is gonna want to play them and that's a dark horse!!!

The Eastern Conference
The problem the New York Knicks have is that their best players don't mesh well with each other. The Knicks are better off with Carmelo playing the power foward and Amare playing center but they have Tyson Chandler playing center and he's the best defensive player on the team so he has to play. The team will go only as far as Carmelo will take them and he can take them far if they got rid of Amare which they won't be able to do, so make no mistake Knick fans your team will die (that's the speech the Emperor gave to Luke Skywalker during the Return of the Jedi, well sort of)...

But wait, New York has 2 teams....BROOOOOKKKKLYYYNNN is in the house. The Nets in my opinion are a better team than the Knicks. they have a legitmate star in Deron Williams a legit #2 in Joe Johnson, when healthy, a good post game with Brook Lopez and a glue guy who does everything well but not great in Gerald Wallace. The fact that their bench is shaky and the 2 teams I have above them are really good is why they can only max out in the Eastern Conference finals.

The Boston Celtics are always hanging around, they have retooled themselves and they will easily cruise past the 50.5 wins Vegas has set for them. The problem is they come across as a mirror image of the San Antonio Spurs, unless Rajon Rondo has learned how to shoot jump shots and free throws they will need KG and Paul Pierce to take over games late in the 4th quarter, now don't get me wrong I love both of them but honestly do you think they got the fire power to get past these 2 super studs...

Lebron and Wade has hit their stride, which means the Miami Heat will be the team to beat this year and yes they got even better. Adding Ray Allen and (watch me not be so washed up anymore) Rashad Lewis on the team will give them more 3 point shooting which will prevent you from clogging the lanes when Wade and Lebron drives. Defensively they are tremendously underrated. Wade is healthier if not completely healthy and oh yeah Chris Bosh is pretty fucking good. Their only weakness is superior post play, which means Andrew Bynum who is way to much of a head case to single handedly beat them, Brook Lopez who is not that tough and Dwight Howard who won't make it out of the West (unless David Stern gives himself a going away gift and orchestrates some questionable refereeing, cause let's be honest a Lakers/Heat finals would be a ratings bonanza), Since I'm betting against those scenarios I'm gonna take the Heat over the Thunder in 6 games unless a dark horse emerges...

The Chicago bulls are a very competitive team without Derrick Rose,however  they proved they can't compete in the playoffs without him but who says they are gonna be without him. Have you seen Adrian Peterson this year for the Vikings? He's playing at a really high level and guess what he had a torn ACL. Have you seen D-Rose crying after showing him rehabbing from a torn ACL, he's hungry son and trust me if D-Rose is back and the Bulls are in the playoffs ain't no body gonna want to play them and that's on da fo real boo!

Vegas Picks
St. Louis/New England u 47
Have you ever seen an exciting game played by the NFL overseas, it doesn't happen. The Rams are not bad defensively and the Patriots are scuffling offensively. The Rams are not very good offensively and the Patriots are not that bad defensively, wait did i just say the same thing... Patriots 24- Rams 16

Washington+4.5 over Pittsburgh
RG3 covers spreads, he dosen't win games but he does keep it close this spread is dropping quicker than a pair of hooker's panties, it started at + 6 I suspect it to drop to 3.5. The Steelers aren't quite right yet so anything over 3 and I go against them. Steelers 26- Skins 23

Bears-7.5 over Carolina
The Bears played Carolina last year and Cam Newton scored a td for a last minute cover, but that was last year's Cam when he was this year's RGIII, all he did was cover. Now he's lost confidence his team is in disarray and the Bears look realllllyyyy good Bears 30- The Cams 17

Denver/Saints over 55.5
This game has got shootout written all over it. Drew Brees is trying to get back in the playoff hunt and he has hit his stride playing like the Brees of old (meaning last year) and Peyton Manning is looking like the Manning of old (meaning 2 years ago) and I'm feeling a bit nostalgic (meaning the teams last games both went over 55.5) Denver 38-Saints 35

Lock of the Week:
Packers-14.5 over The Jags
Sadly the Packers have found their stride and the Jaguars has lost there best player in running back MJ-Drew. The Pack will score early and often and then they will score some more, this saddens me, :( so I may as well make some money off of it Packers 41-Jaguars 10