Friday, January 24, 2014

Everyone has a take on Richard Sherman and they're all shitty

So Richard Sherman went all ego-maniacal and became the talk of the town. Sadly all the talk is turning out to be far worse than what Richard Sherman actually said. For those of you who missed it, after the game, Seahawks cornerback, Sherman called himself the best corner in the game and called 49er wide receiver Michael Crabtree below average. Then of course social media, (me included) along with every news and sports talk show had an opinion. 

Here's my FB post:
"Richard Sherman is just like summer vacation, no class"

I still stand by that post. My definition of class, is how you go about conducting your business. Taking personal shots at an opponent after the game is not a classy move, period!!! I like Sherman, I think if he's not the best corner in the league, he's close. I also love his cockiness and bravado, but still there's a line you don't have to cross. Of course others saw it much differently than that

'He went to shake Crabtree's hand and Crabtree pushed him in the face, so he snapped'
1st of all, if you look at the video. The way Sherman ran up to him, all tip toed like. It Had douche move alert, written all over it. The whole move reeked of insincerity, with that Cheshire grin he gave Crabtree. Some people will say 'how do you know, he was being insincere'?!! Cuz I'm a fucking adult. This isn't my 1st time using the English language. Have you ever have someone say something nice to you and you knew they didn't mean it?

"It was in the heat of the moment"
I call bull shit. Sherman has a small but growing history of making these kind of comments. Not only did he say it after the game, but he celebrated, showered and continued to attack Crabtree. Ain't no heat after taking a hot shower, yo!!!

"Richard Sherman is just trying to market himself"
This is a sentiment echoed by the fantastic Stephen A. Smith. Sherman is just trying to break into commercialization that's generally held for the elite (i didn't say white, you di). Though it maybe true. It's totally indefensible. The NFL is not the NBA. The NBA, markets players. The NFL markets teams unless you're an elite Quarterback, ie Peyton Manning, Brady, Brees etc.Fine, Sherman wants to be a household name, but he doesn't have to be a dick about it.  Saying you're the best and backing it up will get you plenty of airtime. Just ask Deion Sanders

"He's just venting his frustrations at the system"
He graduated from Stanford, on scholarship, drafted to play in the NFL, pro bowler and widely considered one of the best players in the game. Ummm Richard Sherman destroyed  the system.Talking bad about a fellow African Athlete doesn't fly.

"Just good ol white America trying to keep us shackled"
It's hard to ignore, the racist epitaphs put on Richard Sherman for his outburst. It sadly highlights how much further we have to go, for true racial harmony, but that doesn't mean ,we as African Americans should give him a pass. Especially seeing that he was shitting on another African American. Good sportsmanship does not see color.

"He's just a thug"
He gave several interviews that were on point but I like this one the best. No one had a better take on Richard Sherman than Richard Sherman.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

A solution for A-Rod, The Baseball Hall of fame, A missed opportunity for the NBA and NFL playoff predictions

Hey Alex Rodriguez, I'm gonna pass on calling you A-Rod and even A-fraud until this all plays out. I get why baseball suspended you, it appears that you're incredibly guilty. I don't care to go over all of the evidence against you, mostly because I'm not much of a typist. However, if you feel that you're not guilty, you should absolutely sue MLB and the players union. I mean this is your livelihood. I once went ape shit when a comedy club screwed me out $300 so a $25 million loss would get a lawsuit from my momma.

Lawyer: Why exactly are you suing your mother

Me: Cause she should have raised me to be a better person
So even if you lose the lawsuit, big deal, you always have the trump card on your side... The truth!!!

It's the same thing that I suggest for all fallen heroes, if you're convicted and yet you maintain your innocence, there's always a lie detector test. I only think that a person should take a lie detector test only as a last result, back against the wall, no one believes you, bout to lose everything... Then bam, blood neurons and erections don't lie son.

Congratulations to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas for surviving the atrocity which is the voting process of the Hall of fame. This is what happens when you give power to people that are not groomed to have power. They wield it in such a way, that benefits themselves. In a way to say, hey look at all this power I have. That is undeniably the case in the Baseball Writer Association, who votes for the HOF. Most of them grew up as nerds, failed athletes and/or chronic masturbators who whacked it to Ken Griffey's rookie card dreaming of one day being able crush other peoples dreams, while not being tough enough to stand up for the steroid era that they allowed to happen. I also find it funny that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons received less votes than they did last year. Did you just now find out that they were using PED's? Are the most prolific players in baseball history's last 25 years no longer HOF'ers? Was, Craig Biggio and jack morris better choices? What a fraud of a process.

No way the NBA is ever gonna surpass the NFL as America's sport, but man oh man did they miss a great opportunity to make up some ground. You see I believe that the NFL is losing it's magic. Fantasy Football and sports gambling is keeping it's high relevancy alive and kicking. However, the game itself is a shell of what it used to be. The rule changes has made the game a highly flawed product and this is was a great opportunity for someone to start muscling in on the their territory.

But the NBA blew it and blew it big time. This was suppose to be their come back, after arguably the best NBA finals ever, they were riding high. This year was supposed to be even better, but bad decisions injuries and teams tanking ruined it. The loss of Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook, combined with how bad the 4 big major market teams are in the Bulls, Nets, Knicks and Lakers has really given the league maybe 5 or 6 WATCHABLE teams. That's unacceptable for a league that cost a family of 4 over $200 to go to a ball game.

Meanwhile, the NFL in all their mediocrity, managed to get the best 4 teams in the NFL, playing for the right to go too the Super Bowl. I say both of these games will be just as entertaining as the SB. So in that respect we are getting 3 SB's in the last 2 weeks, so for all of your football loyalty the fan finally gets rewarded and why shouldn't you the fan make a little money off of this. I mean I only went 7-1 last week, maybe, just maybe I know what I'm talking about...

New England +5.5 over Denver. It's billed as Manning vs Brady, but make no mistake it's always been Manning vs. Bill Belichek. When it's all said and done, Belichek maybe the best coach in the history of sports. His brilliance vs Manning brilliance, will be front and center and I don't belive the Broncos defense will be able to win this game by more than a TD. Broncos 33- Patriots 30

San Francisco +3.5 over Seattle. Wholly second games Batman. With an offensive shootout in game 1 we're gonna get a defensive opposite this game. 2 teams that mirror each other, can't stand each other and coaches that dislike each other. This game will always have at least 23 angry men on the football field at all times, except for Russell Wilson, what a swell guy he is. I think the 49ers obviously have to worry about the 12th man, which is the Seahawks home field advantage, just as much as MarShawn Lynch. However, I think the Niners are up to the task. Playing there yearly has built up an immune system in Harbaugh's bunch. So instead of the Seahawks home crowd being a flu it will be more of a nagging cough. Niners 17- Seahawks 13

Saturday, January 11, 2014

10 things about the NFL playoffs

The last 3 Super Bowl winners,  Ravens, Giants and Packers snuck into the playoffs during their SB run. The Saints and Chargers won their last game to SNEAK into the playoffs

If the Chargers and Saints play in the SB, I may book a comedy show

The last 4 SB winners played the Philadelphia Eagles in the Eagles home opener. The San Diego Chargers played the Eagles in the home opener...

If Philip Rivers goes into Denver twice in a month and beat the Broncos, then its official. Peyton Manning led teams are not built for the playoffs. (No fucking way that happens right?)

Indianapolis Colts WR Darius Heyward-Bey has 3 names and none of them can catch a pass. He's not playing this week and that's a good thing for the Colts.

It's supposed to be raining with high winds in the Colts/Patriots game tonight. You here that Trent Richardson?!!! The Colts could really use you

The last 3 SB winners played in the wild card round. I like the 49ers the best.

The last time a team lost in the Super Bowl and returned the very next year were the Buffalo Bills some 20 years ago and they did it 4 times, that's incredibly impressive and incredibly sad.

No NFC game will have over 45 points scored for the rest of the playoffs

Tomorrow Carolina and Cam Newton will experience the endearing term, growing pains

The NFC representative will be determined by who plays better. Michael Crabtree or Percy Harvin
The AFC representative will be determined by Peyton Manning

Saints + 9 over Seattle. Under 45 9 points is a lot even in Seattle  Seahawks 23 -Saints 16

New England -7 over Colts 2 weeks for Belichek to prepare is 1 week to much for the Colts Pats 34- Colts 20

San Franciso even over Carolina Crabtree is the difference for this confident bunch of gold pan handlers 49ers 20 - Carolina 10

Denver -9.5 over San Diego The Chargers defense is way underrated but still, it's time for Peyton to start exercising some demons Denver 31-San Diego 20

Friday, January 3, 2014

I predict the NFL playoffs and give a slight hint as to why your marriage is failing

Predicting the NFL playoffs has become quite the tricky little process. I equate it to picking a spouse. It's easy to pick the one that looks good. I mean every man wants that big booty girl, who's faithful, a great cook with incredible bed room skills. Realistically, that good looking girl, constantly craves attention from other men, can barely boil water and purposely uses her teeth to gnaw on your penis in hopes of us never asking for a blow job again. (For the record ladies, it doesn't work). 

It doesn't matter though, we almost always choose the best looking girl we can get and deal with the consequences later, which is quite often misery. All the while you pass up that girl, that can cook some shit up, would never think of going outside the relationship and has a sexual skill set of a Cinemax porno, unfortunately she's got a chip tooth and an A-cup. So we pass up the marriage material girl to satisfy our materialistic needs.

It's no different than football, Ravens, Giants, Packers all snuck into the playoffs and yet they're our last 3 Super Bowl winners, because they're the reliable ones. They had quality defense, great QB play and gelled at the right time, but most prognosticators took the sexy pic. We see the 13-3 record and think all that looks so good, forgetting that 10-6 team that had to grit out some victories, go thru adversity while building team chemistry. That's what wins, compatibility not hotness (that's a relationship metaphor)

The difference is that this year I would argue that there is no sexy pic. The Patriots lost their two headed monster for tight ends, one to injury and one to a lil bit of murder, yes murder. The Broncos defense is shaky at best and Seattle wide receivers are mediocre in a pass happy league. Those are the consensus 3 best teams, so every team has a chipped tooth so to speak. However I as always am not deterred, so here we go...

Wild-card round 
49ers over Green Bay. I hate the Packers, I really, really do, but I hate being wrong more. I wouldn't pick against the Pack just because I hate them. Their  defense is awful and Aaron Rodgers needs to be the Aaron Rodgers of 2011 and he's not there yet. 49ers 31 -Packers 24 (this does warm my heart)

Chiefs over Colts The Colts just went and spanked the Chiefs in Kansas City a couple of weeks ago. I think both teams has some underdog value here, but the Chiefs has a coach and a QB with chips on their shoulder and I think they squeak it out. Chiefs 20-Colts 17

Bengals over San Diego. Marvin Lewis has been the head coach for this team the last 11 years and has not one playoff victory to show for it. How can that be? He's at home, with lots of talent and they get it done or else.... Bengals 30- Chargers 20

Saint over Philly I was pro Saints all week, and then i changed my mind to Philly cuz it's gonna be freezing cold. When it's that cold  I don't trust Brees and I don't trust Jimmy Graham, but I do trust LeSean McCoy. However in picking games you gotta look at the big picture. In my big picture, I don't see a 49er/Seahawk match-up in the 2nd round. That game is meant for the NFC championship or its not gonna happen. So either its the Niner lose or the Eagles, so indirectly, I'm back on the Saints bandwagon. Who dat?!!! Saints24 - Eagles 21

Divisional Playoffs
49ers over Carolina
Hello Carolina, welcome to the playoffs. It's a learning curve boys, welcome to lesson 1. The Niners athletic linebackers nullifies Cam. 49ers 23-Panthers 13

Seattle over New Orleans. Remember last time the Saints traveled to Seattle for a playoff game. They got trounced. Well Seattle is wayyyy better than that team. Seattle 34 -Saints 10

New England over Cincy. hooray Marvin Lewis got his 1st playoff victory, that should get him 11 more years. I know what the Bengals did to the Patriots earlier this year but now Belichek has 2 weeks to prepare and Dalton just makes too many mistakes. Pats 20-Bengals 13

Denver over Kansas City. It's really hard to beat a team 3 times in one season, but here we are. The Broncos offense will overpower, yet again,a very game Chiefs team

Conference Championships
Denver over New England. If Tom Brady wins this, he and Bill Belichek will go down as the best QB and head coach ever and I don't care if they win a Superbowl or not. I don't trust Pats wide receiver Danny Amendola to be playing in this game let alone be a deciding factor. I almost feel I'm taking the easy way out by picking Denver but it is what it is until Peyton Manning chokes again

San Francisco over Seattle. By the time the 49ers play in Seattle they would have amassed 2 playoff road victories and that vaunted 12th man in Seattle will be nullified. Michael Crabtree for the Niners will be the playmaker they need to win a game late Niners 20 Seattle 17

San Francisco over Denver 
It's gonna be 12 degrees in NY. The niners will be way too physical for Denver. San Francisco will run the ball down Denver's throat. I expect a huge disparity in time of possession and of course with no Manning on the field, the Broncos have no chance San Fran 27- Denver 17

There you have it, book it and seal it!!!