Friday, August 10, 2012

The Olympics, Sports ultimate beauty and mad Props to the Lakers

You ever see that naturally gorgeous girl? You may see her while you're headed to work in the morning, taking your dog for a walk, or running into her at a coffee shop. She has barely an ounce of make-up on, her hair looks fantastic, body is perfectly curvacious, even though she probably never worked out a day in her life, she has a natural radiant glow as she saunter's, not walk, in her sun-dress and sandals, down the street listening to her ipod, care free and all. That's how I view the Olympics. It's sports in it's most natural beautiful state. Very few of these athletes you will ever hear from or see again. Yet here they are working as hard or harder than anyone else in their respective profession; for the ultimate competition, for love of country, for the true love of the game.  I ask is there anything in sports more beautiful?

Most of the sports in the Olympics I have no idea how they even score. I was watching wrestling and was like 'wtf just happened'? 'How did he just get 2 points'? I also admit I have never watched this much beach volleyball collectively in my life and yes it's the 1st time I've ever given 2 shits about water polo. Ditto for the diving (and no I can't swim). Yet I am riveted to every sporting event that my shitty hotel cable will provide. For me though the best of the best is the track events. The beauty of watching people run at their absolute fastest, in perfect form is an amazing sight. Usain Bolt in the Olympics has MJ and Tiger Woods status. Which means no matter what I'm doing I stop to watch that man run. I plan drinking, eating, video games and hot butt naked sex around the men's 100 and 200 meter events. The Olympics is easily the best two weeks in sports period.

Um, can someone explain to me how a team with arguably the second or third best player in the NBA, be involved in a 4 team trade and get the worse end of the deal. How do you trade the best center in the NBA and not get back the second best center in the NBA, who just happened to be part of the trade? Im not going to talk about every player that was involved in this trade, it's available on every media outlet, but I will discuss why the Lakers are the 2nd best organization in all of sports, behind only the Yankees and just ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Lakers are always relevant. Even when they look like they are headed toward rebuilding they pull Magic out of their asses (pun intended). When they had Jerry West and Elgin Baylor at the tail end of their career, they got Wilt. When they were scuffling along with Kareem, they got Magic and then they pulled off James Worthy. When they were about to become irrelevant they got Shaq and drafted Kobe, and now just when you thought well it's time to start rebuilding for the future, they grab Nash and the best center in the league without giving up Kobe or Gasol. They just basically traded the 2nd best center in the game and got the best center in the game. That's like trading Kevin Durant for Lebron James, Larry Fitzgerald for Calvin Johnson, whoever you think the 2nd best QB in the league is be it Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers for the best QB in the league, be it Tom Brady, Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers. Except that the gap between Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum is greater than all of them. It's a brilliant move no matter how you look at it, the Lakers made a brilliant move. Now this gives Kobe a chance to add to his championship total and jump into the top 5 that ever played discussion. I still question the age of Kobe and Nash but adding Howard and keeping Gasol just made them championship legitimate.

Randomest of Thoughts:
I love football, I really do, but I have very little interest in the 1st 2 weeks of the preseason. I do know this though, when it comes to fantasy football the safest bets are QB's and every running back on the board is far from a sure thing. There I helped you without divulging to much of my strategy this year. Mike Trout may very well be the A.L MVP this year but for my money their is no one I would rather have a bat in hand than Miguel Cabrera he's been mashing for like 7 stright years years now and that's more impressive than mashing for half a season and that's on the fo real boo!!! Sure, bash Dwayne Wade who said that they should get compensated for playing in the Olympics, but what he actually said was that they should get compensated for merchandise sales. No matter what your worth is, if someone is making money off of your name you should get compensated, period!!!