Friday, May 18, 2012

Pat Riley has f**ked the heat, The spurs are like the lady huskies and The beasts are in the east

The Miami Heat being down 2-1 against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals is not LeBron's fault or D-Wade's or even coach Erik Spoelstra this rest solely on the shoulders of GM Pat Riley. As soon as Chris Bosh went down, the Miami Heat became exposed. Within their 14 man roster they have 3 scorers and thats it, everyone else are role players who rely on the big 3 to create points for them. Mario Chalmers 25 point outburst is an aberration rather a norm. Without Chris Bosh not only do the Miami Heat now have only 2 scorers they arguably have the worst Center-Power forward combination in the NBA, with Chris Bosh, they were average at best, and now they are playing against the bruising, physical Indiana Pacers, that's  just not good. It's not looking good when the Miami Heat only chance of advancing, maybe...gulp, is Eddy Curry. It's hard to believe in a guy who doesn't even spell Eddie right.

The Spurs remind me of a dominant college women's basketball team. They are excellent ball movers, unselfish and seemingly make every wide open shot made available to them. Maybe the Clippers can steal a game but that's about it. The Thunder took the Lakers best shot and won, this series is over boo, The Thunder will sweep LA and before anyone says don't count out Kobe, I will remind you that Kobe got swept last year in the second round and that team is better than this years. And that ladies and gentlemen is how you deductive reason!!!

The Boston Celtics are now my favorites to advance to the NBA Finals. If you think about it, it would rank as one of the most improbable playoff runs in the history of the NBA. They weren't even considered a playoff team almost halfway thru the season and now they will dispatch of the 76ers. I thought they matched up well with the Heat even if they had Chris Bosh and although I think the series would go 7 games with Indiana they match up well with the Pacers. On a side note, Kevin Garnett is consistently showing why he is one of the 20 best players to ever lace them up, yeah I said it, prove me wrong with your Charles Lumpkley and Karl the mail man (during the regular season but spam mail during the playoffs) Malone being better?

The American League East long considered the best division in baseball with the budget busting, Yanks and Red Sox along with the savvy Tampa Bay Rays are even tougher with the emergence of Baltimore and Toronto. That division may end up with 5 out of the top 7 teams in the East. Then you look at National league East and you think the same thing, in that anyone of those teams you could see in the World Series. But the 2 best teams are the Rangers and the Dodgers and that's got everything to do with the MVP front runners Josh Hamilton and Matt Kemp boo.

More random thoughts
If you took that improbable run, when a combination of Mavs choking , horrible officiating and Wade agreeably going ape shit in the playoffs. What has D Wade done thats not different or worse than LeBron James in the playoffs. Jonathan Vilma should sue NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, that man has got so much power I wouldn't be surprised if he was a Sith Lord. I think it's hilarious that the city of Los Angeles, with the Lakers and Clippers both in the 2nd round of the playoffs and yet the LA Kings are running shit. I gotta go and watch the White Sox sweep the Cubs and watch the disgruntled, drunk cubbie fans wreak havoc on the NATO peace summit in downtown Chi...Dueces!

Monday, May 14, 2012

The NBA playoffs don't start until the 2nd round

Hooray, hooray the 2nd round of the playoffs is here. Which is when 'Ball so hard' comes into play. Watching the 1st round of the playoffs is monotonous. A best of seven game format in the 1st round is nothing but big business in the NBA. A best of 5 format is where it should be, because it creates the most drama, but NBA execs want to max out on revenue so they push it to best of seven and yes we got 2 good series (Lakers/Nuggets and Grizz/Clippers) but we lost Derrick Rose one of the 5 best players in the playoffs so in my opinion this years 1st round was a huge loss for the NBA.

A lot of people consider Chris Paul the best point guard in the league. Some even consider that his numbers make him to be arguably on track to be the best their ever was. Almost no one argues that he is a true superstar of the game today. That being said coming into yesterday Chris Paul's 7 year career consisted of 4 playoff appearances in which only ONCE, has he made into the 2nd round, which later he lost game 7... AT HOME, when he was the BEST player on the court. Superstars very seldom lose a game 7 at home and rarely do they lose when they are the best player on the court, while both teams are otherwise evenly matched. I bring this up only because Carmelo Anthony has made the playoffs all 9 years he has played and although he has made out of the 1st round only once, he did make it to the Western Conference Finals. Yet the media pounds him as being an overrated star who does not have what it takes to be a superstar... That's all I'm saying boo!

Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan (Yes I will be soon ranking the 25 best players of all time) may very well be playing for the title of the best player in their era. If either was to win a championship this year or for that matter before they retire, they could even make a case for top 5 of all time. This Laker team reminds me of the 1991 Laker team which everyone thought was washed up but Magic Johnson had another trick up his sleeve and led his team passed a heavily favored Portland Trailblazer team (This years Oklahoma City Thunder?) led by Clyde Drexler (Kevin Durant?) before they lost in the Finals to Jordan and the upstart Bulls (Lebron and the Heat?) The irony of this scenario is dripping like an Alanis Morissette vagina song... I'm just saying

More Random Thoughts
It shouldn't be any surprise that the Memphis Grizzlies lost game 7 at home to the Los Angeles Clippers last night. You can't lose a 24 point lead at home with less than 9 minutes to go in the game as the Grizz did in game 1, and not think that it won't come back to bite you. We witnessed the same thing last year when the Heat blew a 15 point lead to the Mavs in game 2 of the finals and subsequently choked away the series. Dirk and the Mavs getting swept in the 1st round this year by the Thunder, further makes me think his play last year in the playoffs were an aberration whether than the norm. Josh Hamilton is mashing it better than anyone I have ever seen besides a hulked up Barry Bonds but he still ain't worth a 25 million dollar per year contract, you already failed once with giving A-Rod a 25 million dollar per year contract, live and learn boys, live and learn. The top 5 MVP voting for this years NBA was exactly how i had predicted it would go down. I'm just saying...