Friday, January 27, 2012

The enigma of Joe Pa and I do get some things wrong!

This past week Joe Paterno passed away at the age of 85. Legacy Tarnished. I always felt that when he stopped coaching Penn St. university, he would die within the year. If you're 85 years old and you're not willing to retire, that job is your life. No one has single handedly meant more to a program than Joe Pa has, the only one that could remotely come close is Coach K at Duke and that's not really even that close, when you consider how nominal college basketball is to college football. If you don't believe that, then consider why all these teams are switching conferences, it ain't cuz of basketball boo. What Joe Pa did or didn't do is undoubtedly egregious, though lest not forget that before this he was considered the ultimate humanitarian. Donating $4 million to the university, former players calling him a father figure, running a clean program. That however, will not be how he is remembered by the general public, and that is an american tragedy!

Any combination of Murray, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic playing in a tennis grand slam is Must See TV. Those 4 are more or as riveting than any 1 particular sporting match other than a playoff game 7 or the Super Bowl. The skill set on these players are second to none.

The Super Bowl is just over a week away and since it's not less than a week away, im leaving it be until then. If you have read any of my blogs the last month you already know who I have winning, so there is no hindsight to offer except for why and how they win, which I kindly will drop next friday.

Speaking of my 10-0 playoff predictions, I must have channeled all of my tarot card abilities into football alone, cause I said some pretty ridiculous things in the last few weeks. First of all my apologies to the Utah Jazz for saying they will be one of the worst teams in NBA history. Not only is that not true but they are a solid playoff team, kudos to Ty Corbin for doing an early coach of the year candidate's job.

Kobe bryant may indeed win the MVP but he is not the MVP, they have 2 of the top 10 post players in the league and have trouble scoring ,that's on Kobe boo. My pick is Dwight Howard, his team is incredibly mediocre and he keeps them more than competitive and that's really what being an MVP is all about.

The Pro Bowl is on this week and I would rather watch Bowling. It's an open scrimmage with bland defense. Im sorry, but when Im stuck in the midwest in january, in sub freezing temperatures and Im watching guys in Hawaii, playing football. I wanna see somebody, get knocked the f**k out!

Congratulations Detroit Tigers for building a team for the regular season. Look, I'm on record for saying that I would rather have Prince Fielder than Albert Pujols, on age difference alone. But Prince Fielder on the Tigers drastically makes their defense worse and only Justin Verlander is a strike out pitcher on the team. That offense will slug out 90 wins for them, but they are what the Yankees were for the last 2 years. Speaking of which, on paper, the Yanks are the team to beat with newly acquired legitimate number 2 and 3 pitchers in Pineda and Kuroda. Im actually starting to get excited about baseball.

Until next week peeps...dueces!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brady's Jordan vs. Drexler moment and playoff predictions

Remember when Mike and Scottie were on there 2nd championship run, they were about to face off against the Portland Trail Blazers for the '92 throne. All the hype was about Jordan vs. Drexler, some even were calling Clyde Drexler, the Jordan of the West. Then game 1 happened, Jordan dropped 6 three's and 35 points... in the 1st half, dammmnnnnn. Debate over. Jordan later interviewed, stated, he knew the talk was out there and he was to leave no doubt about who the better player was, and that he did. It was historic in that it helped shaped the significance of where we rank the all time greats. Everyone knew that MJ and Clyde were hall of famers but when great players go head to head on the highest stage it gives them a chance to put a stamp on there legacy.

Speaking of must see tv, I try and try to watch college hoops but it looks like it's just a march thing for me

Present Day...
This is why these playoffs are so significant. This is Tom Brady's Jordan vs. Drexler moment. A couple of weeks ago i mentioned that Brady is very well aware of the Tebow, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees talk and that this would fuel his drive to bring home the championship. I believe it more so even now. Tom Brady is not just playing for the Super Bowl, I believe if he wins this, he would have a legitimate claim as the greatest player to have ever played. These are the moments that superior athletes live for. It's when someone thinks that they're no longer the best in the game so they have to go out and prove themselves all over again. Drew Brees broke records, Aaron Rodgers had arguably the best season a QB has ever had and Tim Tebow won games with no real identifiable QB skill. Tom Brady though great, took a back seat. Now I have seen the best of the best, MJ, Barry Bonds, Walter Payton, Magic Johnson, Tiger woods, and they all have the same quality. 'I take a back seat to no one'

Speaking of how dare you forget about me. Kobe Bryant and his green light to shoot whenever he wants, is my new odds on fav to win the MVP this year.

I believe the Ravens can present a real problem to the Pats. The intangibles that works for the Ravens is the fact that the Steelers, there achilles heel for years, is no longer in their way, and usually when a team overcomes there bullying opponent, glory awaits. The Ravens may keep Brady in check, but there anemic offense will not give them enough of a cushion as Brady will score a go ahead TD late in the game which puts the onus on Joe Flacco and I trust Flacco like I trust a crack head with my debit card and password. The Brady legacy grows.

Speaking of not coming thru in the clutch, The Heat looks like the Heat of last year and thats not good for the Heat.

Hey I gotta get my basketball chatter in somewhere.

Ravens +7.5 over the Pats I like the patriots to win but not by more than 7, I mean they're still the Ravens and the Pats have not played a good team including the Broncos in almost 2 months.

Giants +2.5 over the 49ers. How could I forget about the 2 teams that I, and maybe I alone predicted would be competing in the NFC championship game. I think its great the 49ers are back and I love the smash mouth football they play but the Giants are on a roll son AND they can play smash mouth with anybody AND they have a better receiving core than the Saints AND they don't care that they are playing across country. Giants win flat out, call your bookie boo!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Black Mamba, Roll Tide and NFL playoffs

This is a true definition of an X factor. I remember when Jordan retired and a NBA beat writer was talking with him after dinner. The Beat writer said that Jordan mentioned 1 of the reasons he retired was because of the triple post offense that Phil Jackson installed during the Bulls championship runs. The offense, Jordan stated, was basically too restrictive for his offensive game, never mind that they won 6 championships with the triangle offense, MJ was tired of curtailing his game. I honestly don't have an opinion of that either way, MJ is by far the greatest team player I have ever saw and I know that his ego is an entity unto itself. So it's not surprising that he thinks that way.

Now fast forward to Kobe Bryant, who in his 16th year in the league just went back to back 40 points. You know what offense Kobe played in last year and previous years?... the Triangle!!! No one can argue that it's not successful, I mean the offense was part of 11 championships in the last 20 years, but the offense is naturally restrictive cause it's predicated on sharing the rock. Now that Kobe is playing on a more traditional NBA offense he can shoot as much as he likes. I don't believe this will win the Lakers a championship but it is a "hey I know you guys are all about LeBron, Rose, DWade, Durant, etc. but Im about to lead the league in scoring and there ain't sh*t you can do about it". When analyzing Kobe we all acknowledged that the Triangle offense in all it's Zen Glory improved Kobe the team player but we didn't take into account how it held back the Black Mamba. So when most thought, including I, that Kobe's game was starting to slip, we didn't take into account that he would no longer be shackled under the triangle offense, and that my friend is the proverbial X factor. So whenever a Laker game is on this year, I suggest you appreciate the second greatest offensive skill set to ever lace them up.

I was wayyy off on the 'Bama/LSU game. I know that Crimson tide defense is great but it seemed as though LSU took there 35 days off and said we beat them once, stay the course and we'll do it again. They looked like a 23rd ranked team as to opposed to an undefeated juggernaut. Kudos to Nick Saban who has just cemented his legacy as an all time great COLLEGE COACH (This does not however, erase my memory of Saban for his time spent as the Miami Dolphins coach)

I know Oklahoma State is thinking we would have scored some points if we were playing in the BCS championship. 'We may not have won but it would have been a great game for college football fans to watch'. Yeah except that you lost to a under .500 team in Iowa State and for that you are not forgiven. I know Christmas passed 3 weeks ago but I really hope santa swings around and adds 1 playoff game to the BCS. This would clear up a lot of mess. Im just saying... for years now... Im still saying.

Hey did anyone notice that I picked all 4 NFL playoff games right last week? I did. This week will be more difficult, but Im sticking with my original picks. If Tebow beats Brady this week I believe the Mayan prediction, that the end of civilization in december of this year will come true, but right before it does Tebow will walk up to a massive tidal wave, kneel down and pray and the tidal wave will stop just like Neo did with those bullets at the end of the 1st Matrix.

Patriots roll 41-17
San Fran +3.5 over New Orleans you gotta trust me on this, this is a New Orleans match-up nightmare
Houston +7.5 over Baltimore Ravens win but it's hard for me to think they are a TD better than anybody with that mess of an offense
Giants +8 over Green Bay Gulp! I was all Giants earlier this week but the fact that everyone is jumping on the Giants bandwagon makes me think how can a SB champion, that went 15-1 be so easily over looked, still I take the Giants 31-28.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Its the NFL playoffs there is nothing else to talk about!

This playoffs is like a hodgepodge of other playoff seasons. I have seen these playoffs. It's like a weird deja vu, old vhs tape, mixed with a crystal ball kinda feel. When i see the Denver Broncos hosting the Steelers this weekend in the wild card round, I see a mirror image of the Seattle Seahawks and the New Orleans Saints from last year. One team backed their way into the playoffs, the other team led by a hall of fame QB, with championship pedigree, a solid favorite, even though they are playing on the road, and then as they say sh*t happens!. Marshawn lynch had an improbable touchdown run, turnovers, a crazy hysterical crowd leading them, the underdogs, to an unlikely if not improbable win. This is all too familiar.

The Steelers has averaged only 14 points a game in their last 5 outings and now Big Ben is shaky with a bum ankle, not to mention their top running back and leading tackler are both out. I also believe the Steelers have a bit of the superbowl runner up blues, cleverly disguised by the fact that they are currently the best run organization in sports. Throw into the scenario that everyone has written off 'I don't need proper arm mechanics, I've got Jesus' and a team that has nothing to lose, this adds up to a perfect storm. Broncos 16 Steelers 13

The only team that I don't trust more than the NY Giants are the Atlanta Falcons. I don't even like the nickname of there QB... 'Matty Ice'. It sounds unnatural, unless he is being called that from a black guy. A black guy calling a white guy Matty Ice is passable but if a white guy calls another white guy Matty Ice it just smells wiggerish and that explains why Matty Ice is 0fer in the playoffs. Wiggers don't lead teams because they are followers by nature. I am by no means accusing Matt Ryan of being a wigger but his nickname is, and for that reason alone I pick the Giants to w, rallying n late in the 4th quarter, after Matty Ice commits a late turnover which then, I immediately start a smear campaign changing Matt Ryan's nickname from Matty Ice to Matty Melt.

The best thing that has happened to the Lions is that they got to play the Saints in New Orleans just a few short weeks ago, so the shock should be worn off of playing Drew Brees in the Superdome, where they own the single biggest home field advantage in the NFL. I think they play them tough but the Saints pull it out by 7.

The Bengals and Texans are insignificant because they are both unable to beat anybody in the second round of the playoffs so unless you are a huge fan of either team that game should be watched strictly from a vegas standpoint and I say take the over boo. (38.5)

The Giants vs. the Pack does this seem eerily familiar? A few short years ago the Patriots were on a historic march and along the way they played the Giants who played them tough and lost a close one, but they got the confidence that they could compete and turned around and beat the Pats in the superbowl. Well guess who played the dominant Packers in a close game and get them a gain a few weeks later in the playoffs? Trust me when i say this boo, boo trust me on this, boo.. fo real. The NY Giants are the one team that the Packers don't want to play and if the weather is bad in Lambeau field boo... trust me on this boo, boo? It favors the Giants. Im just dropping knowledge and maybe a little bit of hater-aid on the Pack, but that defense is atrocious and they can't run the ball well so I pick the Giants in an upset.

The Saints fill the same way about the 49ers as the Packers do about the Giants, the difference is they just don't know it yet. The 49ers is going to run the ball down the Saints throat and it ain't nothing they can do about it. Plus that defense will force Drew into a couple of pics.

As Im writing this the Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat are playing in a triple overtime yawner. I get it Atlanta, you had a superstar letdown cause you aren't playing Lebron or D Wade who are injured but you had 5 quarters to get over it. If you want to know what mediocrity looks like I suggest you watch the Atlanta Hawks, a team built for the 2nd round...

The Giants played and loss to the the 49ers earlier this year but that smash mouth defense and running game wont come as a big surprise this time around and the super confident Giants game plan perfectly and head back to the Superbowl.

The AFC is way easier to pick cuz the playoff bottom feeders are so mediocre. The Patriots, Ravens and Steelers are the only legitimate threat to make a SB run and since I have the Steelers getting upset by the Broncos, that leaves the Ravens and Pats. Which makes this a no brainer. I have nothing personal against him and Im sure he's a nice guy but I don't believe in Joe Flacco, ESPECIALLY (when I capitalize words I'm not trying to yell Im just showing an emphasis) against Tom Brady. No rocket science needed. I love Ray Lewis but those NE tight ends will be a handful for the Ravens defense so the Pats by 10.

Ok the Giants and the Patriots are back in the SB, I told you this is deja vu but here are other some things to consider. Bill Belichek is a master against preparing for teams he has already played against just ask Mike Martz. Something else to consider, Tom Brady is not just a pretty boy, make no mistake about it, he's got some Michael Jordan in him, if you don't believe it watch his interview when he talks about being passed up in the draft by so many teams. He has a 'I know you're talking about this guy but f**K him, King Kong ain't got nothing on me' attitude, don' believe me, ask Peyton Manning. All I'm saying is that he dosen't talk about it, but I guarantee that Brady is very well aware that everyone is talking about Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees and when you factor in that Eli Manning beat him in the Superbowl once... It won't happen again and that's on the for real boo. Pats 27 Giants 19

These are bold predictions that only a man of true grit, determination and wealth of knowledge can lay out. That being said I sure wouldn't mind Brady playing against Rodgers in a SB for the ages.

Someone dominated with a 4-0 record on my lock picks, when typically the last week of the season is the most difficult to pick, Im just saying

Detroit/New Orleans under 59.5 thats way to many points even though I admit that it wouldn't surprise me if 100 pointes were scored

Broncos/Steelers under 34 I would take the under if it was 7

Bengals/Texans over 38.5 did you not just read my blog

Giants -3 over the Falcons Can you honestly bet on a guy named Matty Ice, seriously!